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Art is an intriguing element that crosses cultural barriers. It is sophisticated and has deep rooted origins that trigger your most untouched imaginations. This sense of pleasure can be obtained most adequately in the Agung Rai Museum of Art which has on display some of the most popular pieces of work from all round the world. In Bali no other place will give you the best of Walter Spies, the famous and very influential German artist. Whether you are a die-hard art fan or simply want to enjoy art in Bali, the colours and curves in this museum are sure to captivate you in one way or another!

The Art Gallery is hosted by Agung Rai, a lover of the fine arts. He hand picks his pieces and has on display a plethora of paintings that range from different time periods giving the viewer a beautiful illustration of the evolution of Balinese paintings. The influences of modern trends are vividly obvious in the more latter pieces of work. Agung Rai also has an interesting collection of the works of Western painters, but he mainly focused on those who supported and encouraged Balinese painters.

He also portrays the works of those Indonesian and foreign painters who find their inspiration in the Balinese traditions. For Agung Rai, the paintings are more than just artwork. He selects his work based on a spiritual connection that he believes to feel with the painting. The aura of magic is most certainly felt within this art museum. Some of Rai’s favourite works include those of Walter Spies, the 19th century works of Raden Saleh, classical Kamasan paintings, the 1930’s and 40’s Bataun style work and works from Sadali, Hofker, Affandi, Bonnet and Le Mayeur. Try visiting the museum when the Balinese dance and gamelan practices are held to get a glimpse of the island’s unique culture.

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