Ajmer kachodi

Ajmer is famous not only for the Dargah in Ajmer but also for the food that is accessible. Nearly all type of Rajasthani meals is accessible in the city. Nowadays, I am speaking about the popular Kachodi. The Kachodi from Ajmer is so popular that, we have an Orkut group for this spicy food. There are nearly a thousand members in this group. I can tell you one thing, as soon as you consume this and you would love to come again to the city for this spicy treat in your mouth.

The shopkkeepers of the Halwais use the greatest of the combination of corriander, chilly, potato mesh, onion mesh, fine grinded flor for this great eatable.
The price varies from Rs. 5 to ten per Kachodi. In local laguage they contact it “Pyaj ki Kachodi” or the “Daal ki Kachodi” the “Onion Kachodi” or the “fine grain Kachodi.” There is 1 a lot more, sweet Kachori which is available in the city’s shops. The ideal thing about this is, this mouth watering eatable is create with the fresh butter.

The place from exactly where you can get these well-known eatable are, Madaar gate, Naya Bazar, Katchery Road, Kesar Ganj, Vaishali Nagar, Nasirabad, Beawar and so on. Out of these the final two are the towns in the Ajmer district. The related Kachodi is accessible in Puskar, the well-known Hindu pilgrimage close to Ajmer. Nevertheless, this tastes a bit distinct as the, Kachodi also has the sweets filled in it. The taste of this Kachodi is both, spicy and sweet. The city has got so many shops exactly where people just sit and get pleasure from this spicy food throughout the year. The distance of the shops close to madaar gate is not far from the Railway station in the city. It is just a Kilometer away from the Ajmer Junction Railway station.
There are some famous names for this eatable in the city. These names are Tailen ki Kachodi, Madaar gate wali Kachodi, Kesarganj Kachodi. If you are studying in Goverment College Ajmer, you would often have the alternative to get this very easily as the eatable is accessible in the College canteen and that too at less cost. I would suggest, eat this and you would come to know why men and women really like this particular eatable in the city.
Sabung Ayam