‘Al-Murade Granite’ The Beauty of Kashmir White’

Now a days this stunning granite can be found in ‘Al-Murad’s state of the art showrooms, but this beautiful unique granite originated in the Precambrian period of Indian history. It is mainly a dark white with flecks of crimson; emerald and earthy browns which make it a very versatile and eye catching stone. As demonstrated by the pictures below, it can be installed into any kitchen either with a traditional or a more modern feel, the granite will compliment both its style and colour scheme.

‘Kashmir White Granite’ is extracted from the ‘Rangasamy Puram’ quarry in the region of Madura in ‘Tamil Nadu’ located in South India. The granite is exuviated from the rock by the most up to date machinery, cut into thick slabs and then sent across seas to ‘Al-Murad Granite’s ‘bespoke manufacturing facility’ where the shaping, polishing and sealing of your beautiful worktops is carried out, by their highly skilled master craftsmen. So, a stunning lasting shine and superior fitted finish is guaranteed.

There are several reasons why ‘Kashmir White’ is such a popular choice; it is not only because of the beautiful colours or the delicate, intricate veining that is present in each slab. It is because of its long lasting shine, if it is seal as instructed, every 6 to 8 months, then your worktops will have a beautiful shine to them as eye catching and mesmerising as the day it was first installed. However, if your worktops are not sealed properly they will be prone to staining and soaking up moisture quickly as ‘Kashmir White’ is the most porous type of granite. So be careful with anything that could potentially stain your work surfaces such as red wine, oils and sauces, if spills do happen it is best to clean them up immediately to minimise the change of staining.

Although ‘Kashmir White’ is porous, it is still a very practical material to have on your kitchen counter tops. Like most other granites it is still hardwearing and can withstand high temperatures and does not scuff or mark easily which will make cooking and preparing food much earlier.

So, get on down to your nearest ‘Al-Murad Granite’ store, and complete your practical and stunningly beautiful kitchen, today.
Sabung Ayam
Jessie J – Flashlight ( Madura Version )

Sabung Ayam