All About Chocolates – How Do They Become Antioxidants and What Are Their Benefits to the Body?

Chocolates are more than the tasty treats that we have come to love. They are, in fact, healthy foods which contain benefits unparalleled by other so-called sinful foods. Now that’s probably the best news chocolate lovers would ever hear from medical experts!

Chocolates, particularly the dark types, are loaded with antioxidants that lend hosts of benefits to the body. For one, it has generous amounts of antioxidants called phenols and catechins. These antioxidants are found in considerable quantities in green teas. This partially helped launch the tea as a healthy drink. Recent research, however, found that dark chocolate contains four times more quantities of these antioxidants. If you love drinking green tea for health reasons, then you would also love its much better counterpart. It also contains procyanidin, a flavanol that also benefits the health of the heart.

The antioxidant phenol is found in red wine. Its main benefit to the body is protection against heart diseases. These also prevent the oxidation of fat-like substances present in the blood stream, thereby preventing the clogging of the arteries, a condition called atherosclerosis.

Catechin, on the other hand, has more extensive benefits. It prevents cancer and diabetes; it reduces the risk of having a stroke, heart attack, or any other heart-related disease. It has antibiotic properties and can delay aging when combined with regular exercise.

It is very important to consume dark chocolate. The purer the chocolate is, the more beneficial it becomes. This is because white chocolate has lesser flavanoids but more milk. Milk is a potent agent for interfering in the absorption of the chocolate’s antioxidants in the body. This means that washing the chocolate down with milk may also negate the value of this treat in our bodies.

However, while dark chocolates are very healthy for people suffering from heart-related diseases, no one has the license to overindulge in chocolate bars, drinks, and other treats. The composition of chocolate is not limited to antioxidants; it also has fats which may prove detrimental on your weight. So be careful of those extra calories.