All about Papua New Guinea

Displaying a background of new and unseen landscapes with one of kind inhabitants is Papua New Guinea which bestows avid travelers with a new appreciation for the world. A memorable stop, this third world country offers us a view of mountains that are enveloped with fogs like islands in the clouds 180,508 square miles and 4.5 million residents make up this island nation situation just north of the East Coast of Australia. The adventures that await those that visit Papua New Guinea consists of seeing the culture it has, the many different scenery and taking part in that hiking and diving activates offshore.

Folks in this country do not use their native costumes for everyday living, rather when plays are put up or during significant times of the year is when they don these clothes. An eventful sight like the mud men and the Chimbu players exhibit new experiences to tourists. Per year about 40,000 adventure seekers come to this place be it for work, old friends or family.

Around 750 languages can be found in Papua New Guinea. Taught to the citizen and used all over is English, which is the official language.

It was deemed that Papua New Guinea was populated by Asians more than 50,000 years ago. Giving the name Ilahas dos Papuas or Island of the Fuzzy Hairs was the first European to visit the place, a Portuguese explorer. After visiting the place a Spanish explorer changed the named to New Guinea after the Guinea in Africa.

The adventure we took in Papua New Guinea allowed us to see the many types of scenery it had to offer is at the local markets, riding their transportations and blending in with the locals. We settled at a lodge six miles from Mount Hagen aptly named house of friends. Daily electricity was delivered through a generator which was used two times a day. The source for hot showers was daily wood burnings. Balancing the warm morning weather with rain showers in the afternoon as we took note, Papua New Guinea is known for its monsoonal climate. You always need to be careful in new places as many diseases may come to you, with a weather that changed constantly, taking daily medication was very important.

Captivatingly, it was only 62 years back that Mount Hagen was invaded by a white man. Searching the insides of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, three Australians in 1938 made their way to the country. Aside from seeing the vast land of the country, they were also able to come across about 1 million natives. The indigenous people of this place never knew about the outside world, until now

Incredibly, all it took was 6 decades to modernize this native community. Despite preserving the Papua New Guinea heritage, an influence from the westerns is still noticeable. Natives here prefer to stay simple with thatched huts and a living that is humble.

The mountain was where we located a friend’s house, which was one of the farthest. Vibrant and helpful was out host who has stayed in Papua New Guinea all her life. She and her husband now have a landscape for flowers and farming on the mountainside.
Sabung Ayam
Bahasa Indonesia Logat Papua

Bahasa Indonesia logat Papua mempunyai ciri khas yang berbeda dengan bahasa Indonesia di daerah lain. Meskipun orang Papua menggunakan bahasa Indonesia baku dalam situasi tertentu, tapi perbedaan-perbedaan ini perlu diketahui untuk mengerti percakapan mereka sehari-hari.

Sabung Ayam