All About the E-Cigarette

With more and more people around the world recognizing the health hazards of smoking cigarettes, an e-cigarette was an invention that was just waiting to happen. Also known as an electronic cigarette or a vaporize cigarette, this is a battery-powered device that lets a user inhale doses of nicotine or a non-nicotine vaporized solution. It serves as an alternative to smoked tobacco products like cigarettes, pipes, and cigars.

An e-cigarette looks like an elongated tube, but there are also many that may be designed to resemble the actual product. Some electronic cigarettes may also look like ballpoint pens. An e-cigarette may either be a reusable device with parts that can re-used or refilled or be a disposable device.

In the automatic version of the e-cigarette, when the user takes in air, a sensor detects the air flow and activates a heating element. This element then goes on to vaporize a flavored liquefied solution that may or may not contain nicotine and is stored in the mouthpiece. In the manually operated e-cigarette, the user must press a button to activate the heating element. The heating element then produces the vapor that is inhaled by the user. Most electronic cigarettes are also equipped with an LED located at the opposite end of the device. This LED serves as an indicator of usage.

The following are the principal components of an electronic cigarette:

·  Mouthpiece or Cartridge: It is a tiny disposable piece of plastic that resembles a cup and is fixed at one end of the tube. It contains a smaller cup inside that holds an absorbent material that is saturated with a flavored solution. The cup inside is made such that air can flow all around it and out through a hole located at the other end of the outer covering. This method allows the vapor to be inhaled by the user. The liquid inside can be re-filled.

·  Heating Element or Atomizer: This vaporizes the liquefied solution inside the cartridge. An atomizer may last for 3-6 months, depending on the extent of use, and then it has to be replaced. There are some makes of electronic cigarettes that pack in a pre-filled disposable component along with the atomizer.

·  Battery and Electronics: Almost all electronic cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The life of a battery of course, depends on the type being used, the extent of use, and the environment in which it is operated. It can be charged using a wall charger, USB, or a car charger.

The e-cigarette has emerged as a comparatively healthy alternative to its conventional counterpart and is used by many who have once again failed to stay true to their New Year resolution of quitting smoking.

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