All You Need To Know About Mesotherapy, Explained!

Worried about Localized skin sagging, wrinkles, Tired skin Cellulite (thighs, belly, buttocks) Gaps in the muscle (stretch marks)? , Now Mesotherapy is a solution for all the above problems without any hassle. The procedure is 100% safe and approved by various cosmetic surgeons/ specialists across the globe. The process of Mesotherapy involves injecting of medicines, vitamins, and natural extracts in the mesoderm layer of the skin. The formula that is filled in the injection should be FDA approved and it is normally injected once in every two weeks depending on the sessions prescribed. The formula injected in the skin then starts to dissolve fat from the tissues. It is inserted in that layer which is just beneath the surface of skin and formed with fat and tissues.

It is now being practiced world over for skin tightening and removal of access fat from the body areas by medical practitioners because it is natural, non-surgical method which has Long-lasting effect. It is not a new found treatment in the medical history but dates back to the fifties where a doctor named Michel Pistor started with this treatment after years of research. This treatment then got registered as a specialized medical practice and now it is practiced all across the Europe and USA. There are more than 10000 specialist doctors in the world who are qualified to perform this treatment.

Since this is a cosmetic treatment and the results actually affect patient’s life, the doctor carrying out the procedure must be well qualified and experienced in this field. Certain parts of our body do not loose fat easily and stay out of shape, no matter what you do. Traditional weight/ fat loosing methods like running , jogging , cycling and walking will reduce fat/cellulite in optimum proportion from everywhere in our body however mesotherapy can be used to reduce Fat from specific area which is impossible to achieve by cardio exercise. Basically, when the fat gets dissolved and fatty areas start reducing, the skin will tighten automatically.

This gives you the perfect shape and the sessions for Mesotherapy require not more than half an hour compared to months working out in GYM / Home. The medical spa, Bali is known to provide very effective and highly simplified body sculpting solutions in the form of this treatment. If you are looking for affordable Mesotherapy services, then you can also search them on Google for keywords like Bali Medical Spa, Mesotherapy etc. Any adult who lies between the age of 18 to 75 and has body mass index equal to or less than 30 is fit for this treatment.

However, people with BMI more than 30 can also go for this treatment by consulting a doctor. Due to high medical / cosmetic treatment cost of mesotherapy in countries like Australia, USA and UK, Countries like Thailand, Indonesia and India are very popular for cosmetic tourism. Many hospitals have developed a complete medical tourism packages which includes flight , Accomodation , Surgery , site-seeing and almost everything for foreign customers .
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