Aluratek Libre e-reader makes it first appearance

By the end-of-year holiday season, the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro will be launched by Borders with the suggested price of $ 99 although the first retail price for the Libre Pro was $ 169.


In fact, the Libre Pro features 256 MB of built-in memory, 100 timeless classics, and an SD card slot for up to 32 GB of additional storage. In spite of handling only DRM for PDF and ePub, the Libre is equipped with PDF, ePub, MOBI, FB2, PRC< and RTF formats and enable to work as an MP3 music player and play tunes in the background while users are reading. With other ereader, consumers can adjust the font and display size on the handset, and users can flip the Libre between portrait and landscape modes. Finally, customers can sync between Macs and PCs utilizing a USB connection, and purchase titles through the Borders eBooks store, a long with free titles from sources such as Google Books and Project Gutenberg.


The color of display gives a feel of monochrome screens of the past with a greenish-gold coloration


while on the right side of the display panel, there are a set of buttons alike the mobile key pad for making text and numeric inputs


On the right, below the screen, there are a navigation pad having five directions, perfectly covered by four convenient buttons for changing options switching to a target page in the book with the use of numbers along the screen, orientation, and text enlargement options


The Libre is different from other Eink-based readers like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, or Barnes & Noble Nook, relying on a 5-inch reflective light LCD screen technology. Though LCD can provide customer more power than their Eink counterparts, it is necessary for the Libre Pro to get 24 hours of reading time out of a single battery charge.


Aluratek is linked with akobo that will allow users to have the e-books of the choice


Libre Pro provides the sense of a simple and comfortable e-reader which is a good option to the expensive and fancy e-readers containing Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity


The power button, headphone jack, and the hand-strap loop are set at the bottom of the device


The Libre Pro is smooth built and with a weight of just 7 ounces, it is remarkably easy to use



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