Amazon Kindle E-book Reader (Latest Generation) Review

Design: The new Amazon Kindle is thin at 0.36 inch at the thickest part and weighs at just 10.2 ounces. To make space for the keyboard, Amazon has made the reader longer, measuring 8 inches from top to bottom. The reader uses an electrophoretic display to reduce eyestrain. The on/off button is placed at the top of the reader with two small speaker ports behind for easier access.

Specifications: Featuring no back-light, the Amazon Kindle’s 6 inch “e-ink” display offers 600×800 pixel resolutions at 167 ppi. The screen offers 16 shades of gray while the font size can be adjusted to six different levels. The reader can also connect wirelessly to Amazon’s Whispernet to access Amazon’s huge online Kindle Store (only accessible for the US) with the ability to go down to 1XRTT if it cannot connect to 3G. While web surfing is possible, there is no support for flash or video. Through Whispersync you can send an e-book to another reader, provided both are registered. The battery has been sealed into the device but now offers 25 percent more battery life, lasting from several days to a week on a single charge. The memory has been upgraded to 2GB but has no expansion slot for additional memory. However, the reader can only handle converted files that Amazon will charge you 10 cents to do so.

Features & Performance: The Amazon Kindle’s keyboard is now more useful with easier to access buttons. New features include Text-to-Speech that sounds robotic but is intelligible. Other features include a new charging system through a micro-USB cable and adapter. The reader can play MP3 and AAC files or connect via USB to your computer. The interface has also been upgraded with a more easy to use five-way rocker button. All in all the Amazon Kindle lasts much longer (battery), reads better and navigates a lot easier compared to its predecessor and other competitors making it ideal for those living within range of the Whispernet network.