American Medical Design Show, Pvc Raw Material Consumption Of Up To 80% – Health Care, Pvc,

HC plastic mesh News: Currently the major hospitals and the medical equipment manufacturers continue to find new methods, hope to improve the environment while reducing production costs and reduce risk. Medical design and manufacture of the western United States show, composite materials manufacturers have introduced innovative programs.

Headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee Eastman Chemical Company City senior vice president and chief technology officer GregNelson said: “The future of innovation combined with ten years ago, would be completely different. This is prompted us to with less risk the sustainable development of materials, the impetus to replace the traditional materials. We are moving in that direction. “

Headquartered in Ohio, Avon Lake PolyOne’s health care market director LarryJohnson at the show said: “We will continue to research and development of materials and technology to meet demanding product applications.” For example, , PolyOne’s GLS thermoplastic elastomers business unit introduced for the manufacture of medical tubes and transparent VersaflexHC TPE . The new TPE adds five kinds of phthalic acid and halogen free medical grade materials, these materials are introduced in the last year. In addition, using extrusion or injection molding process, the same material used to make pipes and connectors.

Anaheim, California show, the U.S. TeknorApex companies and Vesta Co., Ltd. has introduced the innovative health care management products, and hope in order to expand its market share of medical management. American Medical Management market consumed 400 million pounds per year of raw materials, which PVC 80%.

TeknorApex the company unveiled its award-winning MD-500 series hybrid materials. According to the company, said: “The product is the first fully viable alternative to PVC.” Vesta has launched an enhanced non-metallic anti-kink tube. The tube has a silicon liner and outer, at present, can be used for inner diameter of 1 mm ~ 6 mm tube products in. Vesta’s BillWoinowski R & D manager, said: “This product anti-kink, can withstand higher burst pressures, and a two-step production process, improve production efficiency. We can produce a very fine size of 0.05 mm tube.”

According BillWoinowski said: “Compared with the existing design, the technology not only cost advantages, but also enhances performance, reduces the risk of failure. This year to develop after the pipe is available any need to bend the pipe products in the field to open the door for more. “Woinowski said:” We feel that the material in the larger size of thin wall products, also with great potential. “These potential uses include traffic control system, connecting pipe, access facilities, suction device in the pipe, and the breathing tube, vascular catheters and drainage tubes.

According TeknorApex company said its MedalistMD-500 hybrid materials can be replaced usually contain diethyl phthalate esters have been (DEHP) in PVC pipe.

TeknorApex. The company’s industry manager PeterGalland ethylene department, said: “Despite the soft phthalate used in PVC Plasticizer Through no fault of the family, but the European and North American countries to replace the material or in the rapid increase in interest, especially in the medical device industry. The growing opposition to medical device manufacturers racing to find new materials. ” SABUNG AYAM