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March 28, “Night of the 2010 Green Business Fashion Festival” held in Beijing, the United States “Galaxy 180” series of fluorine-free
Environmental protection
Inverter Air to fluorine-free environment of universal access to leading edge inverter air conditioner, was selected as the 2010 “China’s eight major brands of green leaders” to lead China’s home appliance industry, green way.

Learned that the Green leader of the 2010 finalists are BYD brand, Lenovo, Alpine ecological water treatment system. According to industry sources, the United States persist in air-conditioning product innovation, focus on
Emission reduction, low-carbon environment, with a number of breakthrough patents and technical inventions, and actively promote the concept of green consumption, the United States and the elected leaders of the brand in 2010 the key to the green.

First difficult part: the U.S. air-conditioning “from outside to inside” universal freon frequency

Has been positive response from the U.S. national air-conditioning energy saving, environmental protection, called low-carbon, environmentally friendly air-conditioning refrigerant applications to go forward in the global refrigeration industry. It is understood that the year 2009, U.S. exports of home appliances of the Kingdom of the air conditioning breaking 1.5 million units in Japan, all of the fluorine-free environment variable frequency air-conditioning; in Europe and the United States market, the fluorine-free United States and the world’s first environmental variable frequency air conditioning in North America through the UL safety certification, the international top-level security recognized certification body.

2010 New Year, the United States of fluorine-free environment to accelerate the domestic air conditioner inverter air conditioner market overall layout, following the January 1 launch of fluorine-free heavy environmental inverter air conditioner, “Galaxy H180” and “Galaxy M180” new later, in the country
Appliances to the countryside
Air-conditioning project bidding, beautiful countryside inverter air conditioner is the full realization of fluorine-free configuration, a total of 80 successful balance of all products, home appliances to the countryside to become the biggest winner.

Industry said that as a leader in domestic air conditioning industry, the fluorine-free United States to accelerate environmental Inverter Air to enter the country from exporting overseas, the overall layout of the entire domestic air conditioner market will inevitably lead green consumption upgrade.

Four major advantages: the fluorine-free United States storm green conversion lead

Present, the market orientation of most fluorine-free high-frequency air-conditioning, air-conditioning of the overall performance of ordinary fluorine-free air conditioning with fluoride not very different, very difficult to drive consumer enthusiasm. How will consumers “green philosophy” into “consumer behavior”, to meet consumer demand for fluorine-free conversion products is the key. U.S. air-conditioning related to the person in charge, the latest U.S. launch of the “Galaxy H180” and “Galaxy M180” fluorine-free environment to R410A inverter air conditioner refrigerant freon-free environment, three levels of energy efficiency, ultra-low frequency of 10 Hz operation technology and compact appearance of four Big lead, fluorine-free inverter air conditioner off the popularity of storm.

Fluorine-free refrigerants more environmentally friendly. America’s “Galaxy H180” and “Galaxy M180” fluorine-free frequency new, environmentally friendly refrigerant used in all freon R410A, shoulder to shoulder with high fluorine-free conversion products, energy-efficient than regular fluoride air cleaner, so that more families spending using fluorine-free inverter air conditioner, try to “climate citizen” obligations, for the energy saving society to contribute their efforts.

Three more energy efficiency. Fluorine-free air conditioning compared to ordinary products, the United States of the launch of the “Galaxy H180” and “Galaxy M180” New fluorine-free frequency, not only adopt international advanced 180-degree sine wave frequency conversion control technology, but also to further improve the energy efficiency levels, all to 3 energy efficiency rating, or EER more than 3.9, much higher than the current market of ordinary air-conditioned four fluorine-free conversion efficiency rating.

10 Hz is more low frequency. Since last September
America’s Inverter Air Conditioner
Published since 2010, new, ultra-low frequency of 10 Hz operation technology to lead the trend of frequency spread. America’s “Galaxy H180” and “Galaxy M180” new fluorine-free conversion, all run with 10 Hz low frequency technology, the precise control of up to 1 Hz, 0.2 to achieve precise temperature control of the “temperature effect”, the air conditioning running more energy efficient and more comfortable.

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