An Athlete’s Secret to Flat Stomach

If you currently have a big and bulgy stomach, I have good news for you. I used to have very big stomach too and did everything I could to get rid of it, to no avail. But today I have the perfect athletic flat stomach that is the envy of not just my friends, but even younger folks that desire flat stomach.

You see, just like everyone else, when I was in my late twenties, into my early thirties, I discovered that my stomach was getting increasingly bigger. I tried dozens and even hundreds of sit-up exercises to get the fat off, but they didn’t seem to work as well as they should. I even tried jogging several times per week but sadly that didn’t work as much as I thought they would. I noticed that my stomach was getting flat but not as much as I thought they would. And the results just weren’t sustainable.

I was getting increasingly restless about this problem until I met a 45 year old very good looking former athletic with perfectly flat stomach. It was he that told me his secrets to not only getting but also effectively retaining his flat stomach. At first I thought it was the fact that he was a former athlete that helped him in getting and maintaining his flat tummy, but he said that wasn’t the secret.

According to him, the secret to getting and maintain his firm, sexy and flat tummy was just one simple secret! Can’t wait to read what it is… well, here it goes…

Staying Away From As Much Fried Foods as Possible!

I was shocked and confused when he told me this secret. “Is that all”, I asked, exasperated. Shrugging his shoulders all he said was “try it and you will see”. I did and few weeks later, I noticed my stomach was going down and wait for this – without more exercises than I had been doing! In just few months I had lost lots of my stomach fat. The results blew me away.

Even though I still engage in exercises each week (and yes, they help somewhat), I know that keeping and maintaining my flat stomach had more to do with what I ate, than the exercises I engaged in. Lots of my friends have also experienced the same results applying this secret to flat stomach.

If you want to get similar results, I highly recommend that you watch the kinds of food that you eat. Fried foods have been known to contain excess fats which work to negatively store up inside the cells as well as the tissues of your stomach. The less fried foods you eat, the more flat your stomach will get.

But of course, it still pays to do lots of exercises, as they not only help you get and maintain flat stomach but also help you maintain a healthy life.