An Introduction to DISH Latino Packages

Down the years DISH Network services have brought about an evolution in the television panorama. Within few years of its functioning DISH TV has customized itself so that it can cater to the needs and demands of specific audiences. Stating from five to fifty DISH Network has satisfied people of all age groups in United States. Premium movie channels to exclusive sports channels to local channels – DISH has many things to offer. The prestigious entry in the spectrum of DISH Network Satellite TV is DISH Latino programming package.

In fact Dish Latino is designed so that it can effectively meet the demands of all the Spanish people who are residing in the territory of United States. For them the Latino programs would make feel at home away from home. They will get a feel of their Latino homeland.

To suit the tastes of all Latino people DISH TV has brought about a wide ranging programs. Content is in original Spanish language; topics are divergent like Spanish movies, opera, News, drama and many more.

Depending on preferences and budge plans DISH Network has provided excellent packages. Let us have a look at these.

DishMEXICO offers over fifty five channels in two languages namely English and Spanish. Channels like Galavision, Azteca America, Univision, TeleFutura, TeleFormula etc as well as local language channels are available for your entertainment. Also this package rightly is licensed for ‘Standard Professional Installation’ on ‘6 TVs’. Regular price is $ 19.99.

DishLATINO Clasico, offering over one hundred and five channels, is considered to be the most popular one. Offering at promotional price of $ 19.99 it brings home variant programs on all possible topics under the sun. Be it football or any other sports, drama and novellas, movies or music or more serious issues like news, debates DishLATINO Clasico has suitable programs for everyone in the family. Apart from local channel programming it has enough room for exclusive programs and thus is valued most in the entertainment world. Not only that it has rightly qualified for HBO and Showtime movie packages and that too at free of cost for the first three months. It also gets qualified for Standard Professional Installation on up to 6 TVs.

With over two hundred and ten channels DishLATINO Dos offers both Spanish and English programming in one shot package. It is available at promotional price of $ 29.99 for one year and its regular price is $ 39.99. If you subscribe this package you can enjoy sports programs, movies and what more. In few words it is a perfect entertainment package for family members. Presently it is providing more than twenty five HD channels. HD free for Life, free HBO and Showtime movie packages for three months and Standard Professional Installation on up to 6 TVs are being qualified through this package.

Last but not the least DISH network provides DishLATINO Max package that juxtaposes channels of other two packages namely DishLATINO Dos and DishLATINO Clasico. Few more unique channels are available. With over two hundred and fifty five channels, it has a special package for various topics like movies, sports etc. It also offers forty HD channels and is best valued in the market.