An Introduction To Facebook – 3 Top Tips For Social Networking On Facebook

With millions of customers worldwide, Facebook is a single of the most well-known social networking internet sites on the internet at the moment – and with great explanation. If you have heard about Facebook and want to know a lot more about it, this report offers 3 factors why everyone loves Facebook so considerably proper now.

1. Facebook is sociable

Facebook isn’t just for net geeks – it is a fantastic way of connecting with pals you have in the actual globe. Once you have signed up, you can search for your pals by name or e-mail address and connect with them by ‘adding’ them as a pal.

When you have completed this, there is a range of routes through which you can interact with them.

Many folks choose to create a brief post on a friend’s ‘wall’ – this is a message that every person can study and is shown on the major web page of their profile. Nonetheless, if you want to send a friend a message which is much more private, you can create a message which is longer, and which only your buddy can study by making use of the private message function.

2. Facebook is flexible

You can use Facebook in many more approaches than just as a way to send messages to friends.

You can let buddies know what you are up to by updating your ‘status’ which will be shown on your friend’s information feeds when they log into Facebook. Your status update is a way of communicating something you like – from how you are feeling or where you are, to a funny joke that you heard not too long ago.

As properly as updating your status, you can connect to a bigger neighborhood of individuals by joining a group or fan web page of a band or product that you like. You can also use enjoyable functions such as Facebook chat and game applications.

3. Facebook is for sharing exciting pictures

A single of the most popular functions of Facebook is that it makes it possible for you to upload pictures onto the website, which you can share with your close friends by ‘tagging’ them in the photo – they can then comment on the ones they like or dislike. This is much easier than printing them out or sending them by email.

Facebook is just so huge that is it not possible to create about each aspect of it on right here. But the ideal things about it are absolutely that it is a great way to share details and pictures with pals, as well as letting you do several much more entertaining factors!
‘How to Get a Job at the Huge 4 – Amazon, Facebook, Google & Microsoft’ by Sean Lee

Speaker: Sean Lee, CS Alumni at University of British Columbia

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft – at times known as the Massive 4 – are organizations nicely identified for their spend, perks and prestige. Sean Lee, a student at UBC who has interned as a Application Engineer at two of the Large four, discusses why you should aim to land your next internship at these organizations and how you can get them.

The talk covers:
– Why you ought to aim to get jobs at these businesses
– Clearing myths and doubts
– 2 basic actions to getting a job at the Large 4
– Students’ interview experiences
– Useful ideas/sources

– Slides:

– Speak hosted by UBC ECE Student Society (UBC ECESS)
– Filmed and edited by Joseph Hsu

** Disclaimer ** The speaker and the organization ECESS are not affiliated with the Huge four in anyway. Presenter is currently a student of UBC and does not represent any of the firms he has worked for, will work for, or is speaking about in the presentation.