An Introduction To Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows can really help to make your home more energy efficient. They also can really improve the overall look of a home. Many homebuyers look at a home with updated windows as a real plus. This is a particular do-it-yourself job that many people are intimidated by and thus they do not attempt it. These types of windows actually fit right into the existing window frames.

Most replacement windows are installed from inside the home and do not require any removal of exterior trim. New windows have a nailing flange around the outside of the frame that requires the installer to remove the outside trim in order to mount the window.

If you want to take a shot at installing replacement windows, several things are needed to do the job. Here is a list of items required:

* Drop cloths
* A utility knife
* Chisel
* A level
* Crow bar
* Reciprocating saw
* Caulking gun and caulk
* Shims
* Hammer and finishing nails
* Tape measure
* And of course the replacement windows

Before installing your replacement windows, you must decide what style and material you want. They are available in wood, vinyl or composite. Styles include casement and single hung and double hung. Now that you have made that decision, it is time to measure your existing windows. Measure the width of the window from jamb to jamb at the bottom, middle and top. In addition, you must measure the height from the sill to the top of the window at the middle, the right and the left side. Use the smallest measurements obtained to make sure the window will fit in the frame.

There will be a delay in installing the replacement windows because you now have to order them according to your measurements. Make sure that the windowsill is not rotten. You cannot install windows in a rotten sill.

Carefully remove the inside stops of your existing window. You can use them again when you install the replacement window. Remove the window sashes and cut through the nails with your reciprocating saw. Clean your frame by removing any old caulking and nails. This would be a good time to use a vacuum with a hose to clean out any dirt and dust too. When you have your window, make sure that it fits. Then use your caulking gun and caulk all around the window edges and along the windowsill. Now you can place the window back in the frame and make sure that it fits nicely. Use your shims to level it into place. Now you can re-install the inside stops’ using the finishing nails and caulk along the frame.

The installing replacement windows project is almost complete. Your new window should come with a sloped frame to match the slope of the windowsill or it may have an insert to cover the gap. You can always use a piece of wood to fill any gaps if nothing came with the window. Caulk the outside seams and you are done. If you have an old shed or garage with a window that would be a good place to practice before moving on to your house.
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