An Investigation About Mount Yasur

In my last article, I was telling you about my search for a job that would combine my two passions in life, Architecture and Traveling. The story about Mr. Yamamoto and why he called me, Mr. Yama. You can recall that he was a WWII veteran that used to patrol the East Pacific as part of the Japanese Navy. He told me that he called me Mr. Yama (Yama means Mountain in Japanese language), because I remember him the astonishing Mount Yasur because my name Yoram Yasur Yazbek.

I also told you in the past article, that I was so amazed by how the people of the pacific lived in the middle of vast Pacific Ocean, almost without any material possessions and with no comfort at all. After Mr. Yamamoto told me about the meaning and significance for him of my name Yoram Yasur Yazbek, I was very curious about this mysterious mountain, so I decided to know more about it.

Mount Yasur is located at a small Island called Tanna. Tanna Island is part of an archipelago of the Vanuatu Republic located at east of Australia…. Yes I know what you are thinking now, just in the middle of the Ocean in the deep east waters, and yes their habitants are very very primitive just like the tribes that live in Papua New Guinea. But let’s back to Mount Yasur, what is so exciting about this volcano? Why is so special, why had become a touristic destination?

The first fact that called my attention during my research is its activity. They called Tanna Island the Island of Fire due to Mount Yasur’s continuous eruptions. What is so great about it is that even though is a very active volcano it is also accessible to people who want to visit and testify by themselves the lava bombs, the throwing of blazing magma pieces flying up to the sky by day and night and even the ground shaking rumbles.

Mount Yasur has been classify by experts as a pyroclastic volcano that means that throws lava stones that solidifies in the air that is why it has no vegetation. Its altitude is not so impressive though, only 361 meters with a huge 400-meter crater. Mount Yasur is also a stratovolcano (this means that it is constituted by many layers) created by the Indo-Australian Plate moves subductenly under the moving Pacific Plate. To Be Continued. Written By Yoram Yasur Yazbek.
Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam