An Overview of The Darkness 2

The comply with up for the very best-promoting 2007 title The Darkness is The Darkness 2, and is a dark, scary initial-individual shooter. Inspired from the common comic book series, the game boasts a distinctive hand-painted graphic design, an fascinating 4 player co-op choice, along with an ingenious quad-wielding gaming feature by which players will be able to grab, slash plus toss adversaries as well as objects utilizing Demon Arms while simultaneously firing two weapons with their human limbs.


The complete story within The Darkness two take place 2 years following the events in The Darkness. Jackie Estacado is the wielder of The Darkness, an fabled supernatural force. Jackie employed this ancient, ruthless energy to turn into the boss of a New York City mob loved ones, and given that then has been in a position to suppress The Darkness and maintain it locked-up inside himself. An attempt on Jackie’s life sets off a complete-scale mob war – an occasion organized by some unknown outdoors force. Upon his death-bed, Jackie doesn’t have any alternative but to release the dark force inside him as soon as once more and goes on a quest to find out who was responsible for the attack in addition to learn what drives The Darkness itself.

GAME Features

Harness The Darkness – Discover how to master the Demon Arms of The Darkness, and also to get in touch with up all the powers linked with The Darkness itself to conquer any enemy in your path. Some of these powers incorporate powers like ‘swarm’ permitting one particular to disarm and immobilize numerous foes at after, and also a energy enabling you to view and strike foes appropriate by means of walls.

Quad-Wielding Capability – This ingenious mechanic adds a totally new element to the FPS gaming niche – this tends to make it feasible for players to employ each Demon Arms to slash, seize and also throw enemies, whilst at the very same time employing each genuine arms to shoot and employ two weapons simultaneously.

4 Individual Co-Op Mode – The Darkness attributes a co-op option that can be played by as numerous as four players. It characteristics a distinct story that runs parallel to the single-player storyline, with each playable character has person abilities making use of The Darkness.

Hold to the Shadows – The force-skills of The Darkness might only be utilized at evening or in the shadows, for that explanation stay away from sunlight. Any speak to with sunlight may also result in blurry vision and a high pitched ringing noise.

Distinctive Hand Drawn Art Style – The game sticks out graphically simply because of its hand-painted graphic noir graphic style plus combined with spectacular lighting effects is a tribute to the nicely-liked comic series which inspired the game.

A Riviting Storyline – A stimulating, but dark plus multi-layered story is written by acclaimed comic strip writer Paul Jenkins, who previously wrote Wolverine and The Extraordinary Hulk.

The actual release date for The Darkness 2 is scheduled for 10th Feb, 2012, with the game getting accessible for these platforms: Computer Systems, Playstation 3 as effectively as Xbox 360. The game will be published by 2K Games, and the video game is developed by Digital Extremes. This game will have multiplayer facilities, supporting a maximum of four gamers. The PEGI ranking specified for the game is PEGI 18, and is therefore best suited for gamers 18 years as properly as older.
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