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Interview Jiangxi Siping
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Deputy General Manager of the small chain of financial health

The next few years, even
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Push into 34 markets, and we do not have to worry about. Because the rural network will be coming for a long time, we should from the States United States the most powerful line of defense Suning challenge.

Jiangxi Deputy General Manager of the small home appliance chain Siping fiscal health in the “China Enterprise News,” an interview, disclosed that after nearly 10 years of “countryside surrounding cities” corporate strategic layout, appliances Siping area of Jiangxi Province has opened up a ” to town center, the brand wholesale agent, one-stop-operated stores and towns join the chain to support “the strong expansion of the road. Meanwhile, Siping appliances always follow the “do first fine, fine for town network layout, do strength as a regional market leader, they finally seek more large regional market expansion.

It is understood that in April 2001, Siping first home appliance brand-operated stores in Jiangxi, the official opening, just a few years time, will Siping county in Ganzhou region has opened 17 stores self-development more than 30 townships franchising network. Ganzhou 34 markets with the layout for the dots and quickly opened up in Jiangxi Province, Siping appliance chain expansion of the brand within the curtain. In addition to Nanchang and the current two-level city in Shangrao, the Siping appliances already in Jiangxi has 75 self-brand chain stores, and the development of rural stores doubled in volume, essentially covering the main town and the economy of Jiangxi developed rural markets.

Small financial health frankly, all appliance brands enter the market in Jiangxi, if cooperation with Siping appliances, is no exaggeration to say that in just one week to allow the appliance brand appears in more than 90% of Jiangxi appliances mainstream market. Because of this well-established network edge, over the years not only a large number of household appliances appliance Siping enterprises in Jiangxi market agents, and use it as an opportunity through “after a large-scale purchase and distribution strategy,” the implementation of the establishment of self-brand chain stores, development of rural stores to join the acquisition of local brands such as multi-legged walking home appliances shopping strategy.
about the expansion of the network home appliance chain, the small financial health admitted that “with many different chains, we adopt for the management of rural stores a relatively humane means, through our product prices, product range, training marketing, logistics and other aspects of the system benefits, ensure the stability of the township to join the network. Zhang Xiaoping repeated general manager ‘we can not meet the needs of rural networks, absolutely not tied to their appetite’, which forced We must in business management, competitiveness and other aspects within the escalation in order to continuously meet the needs of villages and towns to join the network, and this is our future response to the largest capital market, foreign competitors. “

In fact, in recent years in our 34 market expansion process, Gome, Suning has not found an effective business model and marketing solutions. Ding financial health revealed in Siping appliances found in rural market network development, the current township appliance dealer with three conditions: first, the locals, the second is to have some home appliances
Capacity, three is a good local reputation and social connections of individuals. Many rural consumers to purchase appliances will occur when the behavior of credit, in the first half to buy home appliances, in the second half before selling the crop to pay. These are the major home appliance chain to expand the rural market is facing a natural divide.

For future development and trends, the small financial health revealed that household appliances will be based in Jiangxi Siping market, facing the country, become a competitive industry, home appliance chain enterprises. Based on the regional market through a network intensive, continuing to more towns and county-level market penetration, where the conditions are ripe but also out of the movement of neighboring Hunan, Hubei, Anhui and other places to expand. SABUNG AYAM