Answers to Thai Massage FAQs

So a friend of yours has been raving about this new type of massage therapy that she has just skilled in the spa property that each of you go to every so often. She tells you it is known as “Thai massage”, and urges you to try it out your self. You, being the sensible customer, remain apprehensive of the procedure. You decided to do a tiny research, which landed you on this page. Properly, you’ve come to the correct location. Find out the answers to your queries relating to Thai massage beneath.

What is Thai Massage?
Thai Massage is 1 of the 4 recognized branches of Conventional Thai Medicine or TTM. Its history dates back to around the fifth century BC, and is mentioned to have been founded by Shivaga Komarpaj who is regarded as a doctor of the Buddha. In relation to this, Thai massage is stated to have its origins in each Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It likewise employs the Ayurvedic concept of doshas and the extensively well-liked yoga.

What are its distinct characteristics?
This kind of massage therapy is different from other massage techniques in that the recipient remains completely clothed save for socks and shoes although it is becoming carried out. This is not to say, even though, that any kind of clothes is permissible a individual need to be in loose, comfy clothes for the session to proceed.

Another distinction that is readily recognizable is the absence of oils and/or lotions which are frequently identified in other forms of massage therapy. Also, in a Thai massage session, the recipient initially lies on a mat on the floor.

What are the massage tactics employed in a Thai massage session?
A practitioner of this form of massage will use her hands, thumbs, palms, forearms, knees, shins, and feet on the massage recipient. Thai massage is dominated by: (1) the application of pressure along what is called the “sen lines” of the body and (2) stretching, which begins with subtle movements and escalates to the performance of different yoga postures – such as the Bhujangasana, Uttanasana, and Natarajasana – in time.

It is worth noting that the concept of sen lines has been stated to be related to that of the notion of meridians in traditional Chinese medicine and nadis in Ayurvedic healing.

How lengthy does a session take?
Normally speaking, a session of Thai massage will take around two hours or much more. This is simply because in this form of massage therapy emphasis is placed on the slow, rhythmic application of tactics. This indicates that it can not be hurried. Aside from this, there is a process that a practitioner follows in order for the session to be successful.

What are the effects of Thai massage?
If the massage is completed by an professional, it can lead to a balance in the thoughts, body, and spirit of the recipient, which is the principal objective of Thai massage. Other benefits which can be had in other massage therapy sorts such as alleviation of muscle pain and tension, relaxation, stress relief, detoxification, and an overall feeling of effectively getting can also be enjoyed with normal Thai massage sessions.
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