Anti-Aging – 4 Steps to Keeping Those Wrinkles at Bay

1. Firstly, you may have to do a quick detox or liver flush to get rid of gallstones in your gallbladder. Everyone has gallstones and they are the cause of many allergies including poor complexion.  This liver flush will get your eyes white by the the following day and you will find your complexion perks up as well. The full details of this flush are on Curezone by Dr Hulda Clark, but I’ll repeat them here.

Give yourself 2 days off to do this.  The first day eat nothing after 2.00pm.  Then get Epsom salts and dissolve 4 tablespoons in 2 litres of water. Put in the fridge.  You will drink the first 250ml of this mixture at 6.00pm, then another 250ml at 8.00pm.

At 9.45 blend 1/2 a cup of olive oil and the juice of six oranges (large ones) and drink standing up.  Don’t bother to tidy up.  Just go straight to bed and lie on your right side. Try not to move for 20 minutes and just fall asleep.

In the morning, at 7.00am, drink another 250ml of the Epsom salts water mix and then whenever you feel the urge to go to the toilet, go.  You will see stones in the toilet and if you are not squeamish, you can pick one up to see that it is not congealed olive oil and orange juice!  This is a good way to get rid of hard skin and any allergies.  You should ideally do this every two weeks until the allergies go. After going to the toilet in the morning, eat a light breakfast.

2.  Eat oily fish and avocadoes with salad.  Ideally 3 times a day.  Soak a handful of sunflower seeds overnight and blend in a food processor with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Sunflower seeds are very good if you have bad hair, skin and nails. They will give you plenty of nourishment.

3.  Drink Moor Mud Bouquet 1 tablespoon morning and night half an hour before eating anything.  This is another detoxifier and is very good for the complexion.  You can also put the Mud Body Mask on your face and neck and chest area before you go to bed.  Wake up to rosey skin.

4. Fatty acids are crucial to have in your diet. Evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil and Udo’s oil are very important to eat with liquid yoghurt (the organic variety).  You will notice the difference in your skin within 2 weeks if you try to incorporate all this in you diet.  You must also exchange floury products for more protein products as you will find that your skin will have less wrinkles and will become more smooth due to the additional protein you are consuming.