Antispyware Software and Virus Cleaners – Why They Sometimes Don’t Do the Job

All Windows XP and Vista operating systems come equipped with a security suite or center. The job of this security center is to annoy you to no end if you don’t have an up-to-date virus cleaner active on your PC. Still, almost daily I get computers coming to my shop that have Windows XP or Vista as their operating systems and they still have a virus that is so bad it will require a reformat to get the machine running once again. This article answers the question, how can this happen?

It is important to understand some viruses will actually shut down your virus scanner, or lead you to shut it down. If the virus that does so is a worm, you will eventually be unable to reopen the virus cleaner. In fact, you will be unable to do much with the computer at all after this worm become develops. 

If you don’t check periodically to see if your virus scanner is operating properly, such a worm could be at work destroying your operating system. If it isn’t stopped quickly, reformatting your hard drive will be the only way to get your computer back up and running again. Of course, a reformat will erase everything!

So, you can see keeping abreast of how well your virus cleaner is working is very important. Also, your virus cleaner should be capable of scanning for all types of spyware. This is because more and more types of spyware are affecting operating systems in ways only a virus used to be capable of doing. This means if your virus cleaner is not one of those types that scan for all spyware as well as viruses, you must scan for spyware with a separate spyware cleaner.

So, making sure you have a good virus/spyware cleaner and making sure it is working is the most important thing you can do as far as computer maintenance is concerned because as you have just seen, a bad virus will put your computer out of the game altogether. 

On the other hand, when your computer shows signs of registry corruption, as poorly as the computer may be operating, you’ll still be able to get a registry cleaner loaded onto the PC. This cleaner should have no problem restoring your registry to excellent health. It is important to keep your computer’s registry free of corruption, but registry corruption usually only causes very annoying troubles, whereas a bad virus or spyware could spell the end for your operating system!