Apparel Manufacturers’s Ogio

Anybody who has ever heard of OGIO would not think about t-shirts and polos. What many people do not know is that the brand does have its own line of apparel. The good news is that these cool clothes can now be customized and designed according to the wearer’s preferences.OGIO is famous for gear bags. Founded by Michael Pratt, OGIO International began as a small company that sought to make innovative and highly functional gear bags. The company’s products catered to those who were involved in sports, consumers who wished that their duffel bags and packs had more features to accommodate their needs. As a result, the brand created merchandise like no other for extreme sports: skating, surfing, BMX, snowboarding and the like. However, the trademark of OGIO is their golf bag line, products that are unlike any golf bag available in the market.

The popularity of OGIO due to its gear bags is the main reason why people are unaware that the brand carries an apparel line too. This is rather unfortunate, as the brand’s clothing line is just as remarkable as the sports merchandise. Just like in their bags, the company’s shirts and jackets are also made of high quality materials. In addition, the styles are classic yet trendy: the clothes will remain in fashion for years without the risk of looking outdated. The clothes are also very comfortable to wear. From plain tees to polo shirts, both men and women can expect a great fit and streamlined style with every OGIO garment.What makes OGIO apparel special? It is all in the details. There is a fine line between looking simple and utterly plain. With the clothes from this brand, anyone can look simple yet smart. Take for instance the OGIO Handlebar Polo. It looks just like any other polo from a far but it is not an ordinary shirt: the horizontal texture and cross-grain panels make the shirt special. The OGIO Trax Polo is also not your average shirt: the contrast bar tracks on the sleeves and placket are a welcome addition. It is shirts like these that can be worn by a company staff: not only do the clothes appear young and hip, but they can also present a professional image.

Those who are interested in having OGIO apparel for their company uniform would be delighted to know that there are now many online companies that not only sell the merchandise but also do the custom printing themselves. These wholesale suppliers give consumers the freedom to design their shirts the way they want. To those who want their own custom-designed OGIO apparel, a search online will surely be a good move. SABUNG AYAM