Appliance Repairer Movement Started Out Into The Low Mass – Appliance Repairer, Oaks, United States

Oaks car project to postpone the U.S. project stalled car
2003, the United States, and Oaks, Greencool have released car Declaration, enter the automotive industry; the beginning of 2005, which has rhetoric ambition to accomplish a great deal in the automotive industry “outsiders” finally met trouble. Reporter learned yesterday from Oaks Automobile Co., Ltd., the company’s car project development plan has been postponed. At the same time, also came news of beauty, will have to adjust the development plan in the automotive field has lot of heated discussions in the home appliance business, “repairer movement” has fallen into a valley state.

Trapped in industrial policy According to Oaks Motor Sales person in charge, Oaks of SUV and pickup is progressing more smoothly, last 8 months to achieve sales of nearly 3,000, the next step will continue to expand production capacity, but the car project the original plan has been postponed. The reason for delaying it, the official said, mainly because the state postponed plans to strengthen the control of vehicle approval, the Oaks was out of the car market outside the door.

Learned in the past, a lot of private capital into the path of the automotive industry’s most important is the “route through”

Are eligible for automobile production enterprises, but under the new automobile industrial policy is no longer this way. Under the new auto industry policy: Those who can not maintain normal production and operation of the auto manufacturers (including conversion of existing vehicle manufacturers) can not give non-automotive, motorcycle production enterprises and individuals purchase automobiles, motorcycle qualifications, while automobile manufacturers shall not be eligible for the sale of production, bankrupt auto manufacturers while cutting the announcement list.

It is understood that the U.S. side of the business has been adjusted, the adjustment will be excluded from the automotive business line camp. October 2003, the United States of Kunming and Changsha in the establishment of automobile production base, when the company pledged to find a bus factory in the PRD. However, it now appears that this program has fallen into stagnation, the U.S. car stop in Kunming and Changsha project two bases.

Out the beginning of large-scale Industry believes that private enterprises to enter the home appliances, automobile industry, a decline, mainly because of the new auto industry policy and the auto market’s slump last year, on the wave of private capital and repairer played a role in containing. Under the new auto industry policy, have not yet entered the automobile industry of private capital to enter the automotive industry is now no longer possible, and early access to private capital will become increasingly narrow living space, private cars and passenger cars only on the market a breakthrough, to get the foothold.

The source pointed out that the home appliance business and repairer movement obstacles is very normal. Even the current scale of production to achieve a certain degree of informal manufacturers are facing serious problems of survival, let alone just to enter the automotive industry of private capital. Despite the large number of private enterprises will now have to conclude that out too early, but we can predict is that the auto market downturn in the context of large-scale phase-out has just begun. SABUNG AYAM