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There are different buying patterns and behaviours of people. They might down straight to the store, enquire a few things about the product and then either take or leave the same. They might also hop from one store to another to draw out comparisons and then select one of the products. Some of them can also first seek the opinion of their friends, family and peers to assess what is the right product to be purchased. There is also a section of people who closely keep a track of the products which they want over a period of time and check for the newer and improved ones. The appliances reviews are read from the newspapers, magazines and even the internet to get to know the details about the products.

They might make themselves more knowledgeable about the product by reading these appliances reviews but there is little they can do if their kids wants nothing but the Nintendo Wii gaming console. So, decision making is not completely rational. It is also guided by the pressures of the others. Nonetheless, the appliances reviews are important. These do tell about the functions, features and performance of the products. These can also be comparative reviews. The comparative reviews are done by taking the different products of same product category, preferably of the different but popular brands, and assessing their features, functions and performance simultaneously.

The people are provided these reviews by way of the video, audio or in the text formats. In the video format, you can make use of the websites as well as television for the same. The video format is the best way to show the performance of the products like the video cameras, mobiles and many others. The only audio format is not used widely for these types of product since the people would like to see the things as well. Even if some of the products are meant for listening like the phone sets or the cordless phone, their reviews are best watched or their audibility be heard in real. The reviews in the text format are present in the newspapers, magazines and even on the internet sites.

Internet has made it far easier for the people to find or search for what they want at a local or a global scale. Now they can find the products at the click of the mouse and can even find the credible sources of the reviews which can provide the authentic reviews of the same. So, the internet based review sites can be used for sifting through a number of different reviews, which is a key limitation of the other visual media-the TV. The TV review programs can at best take some of the reviews only but internet appliances reviews can be many, coming from different users. Further, these reviews can be taken from the people at a global level. Then there could be independent opinions of the experts. So, the reviews can be coming from different people and could be of different nature, but sufficient enough for you to take a stand on the same.
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