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August 18 this year Zhejiang Provincial start Home Appliances “TM” has become home worth up old appliances, buy new appliances are all relative to when the time was not a small amount of “ready money.” However, there are also reflected in the consumer, there are businesses in the launching the “TM” activities there “trick.” Recently, urban consumers Chai Xiansheng reflect on the evening news, in the “Country America” appliance stores for TM to when a lot of trouble, and his 29-inch

Sony TV, might otherwise have been the recovery of 40 yuan price, only to get 10 yuan, 30 yuan was “hiding” under the.

Chaixian Sheng said that this year on Oct. 4, he was on the road in urban victory

Gome Purchased an LG washing machine, price of 2600 yuan. Since there is a home the old 29-inch Sony TV, so, when buying a new washing machine, Chai Xiansheng ready “TM to.” “The new washing machine was originally sent, the old color TV should also be taken away, but, as is the Golden Week, ‘States United States’, said shortage of staff, sent first washing machine, the old stuff for the time being do not charge a few days come take them. “Chaixian Sheng said, but after many days yet to come and collect the old color TV business, he had some and so is not strong.

“Their old TV does not come up, I do not have TM to the evidence, also not get 250 yuan subsidy.” According to regulations, participate in “TM” campaign, Chai Xiansheng to buy 2600 dollars The new appliances can have 10% of subsidies (subsidies for washing up 250 yuan / unit), but must be recovered in the Jiu Jiadian, took TM to evidence, to “the United States” to receive subsidies. After the repeated urging, finally to close the old color TV business, “they come to take away TV and gave me 10 dollars, and a TM to the evidence, read, color TV a recovery, what type size did not write. “

Before, Chai Xiansheng other home appliances stores in the “TM” bought household appliances, but at the time of the certificate, all the TV brand, size, write clearly, this time only the words “recycled TV 1” feels right. In addition, he also realized that my 29-inch Sony TV, recovery price only 10 dollars, obviously “cheap” the. “Later, I asked the relevant departments, and 29-inch color TV recycling price is 40 yuan, 30 yuan for a business to ‘cover up’ down.”

This, Chai Xiansheng very angry, coupled with the “Country America” get subsidies, the “National Beauty” did not once tell how to complete the formalities for Chai Xiansheng to get a new copy of the invoice and more appliances running trip Chai Xiansheng angrily to the Business 12

315 Hotline complaints, requests for treatment. “I’m the families less than 30 dollars, so many consumers that case, but a no small Qiana.” Chaixian Sheng said, 30 dollars is trivial, but this involves the integrity of business, he than the truth.

Reporter learned from the city industrial and commercial sector, Chai Xiansheng has finally received the 30 per color TV recycling subsidies. However, the consumer’s home, “TM” in the Jiu Jiadian recovery in the end how much money is easy to get the Evening News also reminds consumers to pay attention: According to this year’s October 1 in Zhejiang Province since the implementation of home appliances “TM” Waste Appliance Recycling Reference Price List, Black

White As the unity of all models of the recovery price of 10 yuan, 21 inches or less (inclusive) TV 10 yuan, 22 ~ 28-inch color TV for 20 dollars, more than 29 inches (inclusive) to 40 yuan. Consumers to conduct the “TM”, they can carefully control the recovery price of each model in order to protect their legitimate interests.

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Will cancel the “TM” qualified
” appliances TM to the Regulations,” after the implementation of the relevant departments to ensure that appliances “TM” product quality and specifications to run, is also key issues of concern to consumers. Department of Commerce explained that all successful

Sell Enterprises should sign an undertaking to the way the agreement to ensure that legitimate business, once a breach of undertaking qualification bid will be canceled. Successful enterprises to take full responsibility for their respective networks, their networks more than twice illegal business activities

Department will cancel the eligibility of successful enterprises. Consumers can call 12315 to report. SABUNG AYAM