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After a series of setbacks,
Solar water heaters
Finally caught up with “
Appliances to the countryside
“This train?? In the March 13, China
Home Appliances
Associations at the “Solar
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Communication will be pre-tender “on the confirmed this.

Solar water heaters to return to the “countryside” path, the news really excited for solar water heater business. They have been waiting impatiently the arrival of the tender exercise.

Sunrise industry opportunities

“Solar energy can finally went to the countryside.” Association of Chinese farmers can use solar thermal Professional Committee Luo Zhentao said excitedly, “By coordinating the views of representatives of the parties, finally successful solar water heater to the countryside, this solar energy industry to that is of great significance, not only speed up the solar water heater market promotion in rural areas will also be conducive to the healthy development of the entire solar industry. “

“For solar water heaters to the countryside, companies have been paying attention, and we are 80% of solar energy products sold in rural areas, with national level distribution network more than 1000, more than 4,000 secondary distribution network, has formed a complete Sales and
Network, solar water heaters to the countryside for the tender requirements, we are fully met. “Beijing Four Seasons Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Mu song very confident that Vice President Lu Jian.
Solar Water Heater Co., Ltd.
Haier Feng Jianhua, general manager, said, “to provide solar water heater to the countryside for business development opportunities.” In his view, because changes in the characteristics of urban construction, solar water heater market, the city is gradually turning the rural market, after years of development, solar energy water heater sales share in the rural areas also increased year by year. Solar water heater to the countryside, the rural market will stimulate consumption, solar water heater business benefit.

It is understood that Haier too can heater, “5000 Town, 50000 Village” strategy of rural marketing network construction will be completed in the first half of 2009, in the second half will continue to increase the sales network construction in rural areas.

Grassroots industry confusion

Began in the city, then return to the solar energy industry in rural areas, has been the industry calls “grass-roots industry.” All along, because countries lack access to policy restrictions on the industry, solar water heater production of low barriers to entry, companies do not need to be able to produce large-scale investment. Large influx of small businesses are inferior, resulting in uneven product quality, installation and after-sale are not in a timely manner is not standardized, and many other problems that hindered the pace of development in the industry.
Association of Chinese farmers can
solar thermal Professional Committee Luo Zhentao admits: “The solar industry is facing a hodge Chaoyang military threat. At present, domestic manufacturers of various sizes nearly 10,000 solar energy, flooding the market with more than 80% are small brand or no brand-name products, these companies are basically workshop production, low cost, poor quality of service is no guarantee that seriously infringe the interests of consumers, but also restrict the healthy development of the industry, solar industry must be integrated. “
Haier Solar Water Heater Co., Ltd.
Division Jian-Hua Feng, General Manager, said: “In the solar industry, brand concentration is not high, at present, and no one company, which brands can be to lead the industry. Even the largest solar energy enterprises market share of less than 10%, and some corporate self-discipline, poor behavior of its sales of solar products serious damage to the image, hindered the healthy development of the whole industry. “

Appliances to rural areas to accelerate the industry reshuffle

For solar energy in this “sunrise industry” faced confusion, perhaps with the arrival of home appliances to the countryside, can be a good solution.

According to people familiar introduction, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance have solar water heaters to the countryside Qualification, pricing standards, product standards and installation services, and other aspects put forward demands. For this reason, many do not meet the requirements of small businesses will lose out.

Insiders believe that solar water heaters to the countryside, is bound to increase the speed the integration of solar energy industry to accelerate the industry reshuffle, a solar energy company restructuring war about to begin. SABUNG AYAM