Ardamax Keylogger

Internet helps you a lot such as easily staying connected with family and friends, researching school projects more easily, and staying aware of breaking news but your computer can meet a risk with malicious software which may be harmless. Beacause it can delete your files, and aid in identity theft. Keylogger is a piece of software helping you spy on a computer without the user ever noticing anything.


The Ardamax Keylogger has many different features that can help someone spy on a computer without the user ever noticing anything. The software runs in what is known as invisible mode, meaning that it is invisible to everyone including your operating system. It also features the ability to periodically take pictures of your screen, thus showing someone the exact same screen that you are looking at. Both sides of a chat program can be monitored along with any keystroke that is used in any application that you are running. Even text that you copy is not safe, as the software will log anything that is copied, even if it is never pasted anywhere. All of this information can then be sent back to its origin via e-mail, upload to a specific FTP site, or delivered over a network to a specific destination.


What makes the Ardamax Keylogger even more effective is the size and rate that it is updated. It is a small piece of software that is much smaller than most applications installed on a computer making it much easier to go unnoticed. It is also updated remotely so that it always has the latest addition of the software. If the Ardamax Keylogger is picked up by your anti-virus software it should be removed immediately. If the anti-virus is not able to uninstall it there are several different methods that can be used to delete it, all which can be found with your search engine of choice. Keeping your anti-virus software up to date, and having a knowledge of the Ardamax Keylogger and other related software can keep your computer free from problems and protect your identity while you are on the Internet.