Are News Channels Behaving Responsibly?

According to the News Channels, their job is to provide unbiased, impartial, truthful, News and info to the viewers. It is up to the viewers to recognize the implications of the News and details and kind their personal perceptions and views on the News.

Many of the News Channels do behave responsibly, but some of them do not. A lot of News Channels do analyze the News, info, and reports that they get and do spend consideration to the implications of sensationalizing News. These News Channels also take care to confirm the source of the info (if it is an external supply), and only then do they telecast/broadcast the News. Most News Channels have Reporters who do the reporting on incidents and supply the verified information for the News Channels. News Channels also get News and info from the general public, and Government Departments. The Accountable News Channels will constantly verify the information ahead of broadcasting.

But some News Channels are just not concerned with the implications of what they broadcast or the effect it will have on the viewers, or a specific group, or society at big. They may possibly have a few reporters who cover the reporting on incidents and they could/could not confirm the data for correctness. These News Channels like all other people also obtain News and info from the General public and Government Departments, but fail to confirm the truthfulness or correctness of the info and just broadcast it.

Some News Channels also lean towards political parties and their News coverage is biased towards that specific political celebration in a constructive way. All News about their preferred political celebration is presented in a favorable way. Some of these News Channels also sensationalize and prioritize news like Riots, Floods, Suicides, Murders, shootings, robberies, Police excesses, political troubles, and other incidents to acquire mileage more than competing News Channels. The influence of this kind of News Reporting and broadcasting in some instances is poor and has a unfavorable on the public, specially children. But some of this news does inform the viewer of the challenging facts of life in the country and society, which includes the political and law and order predicament.
Sabung Ayam