Are Vaccines Really Unsuspecting Bullets That Kill ?

The statements by Bill Gates about population killing vaccines have been the topic of news headlines lately. If this is his real opinion about the less fortunate, that is cause for more safety concerns and distrust of life saving vaccines. These seemingly matter of fact statements cannot be taken lightly. While vaccines certainly have their places in the health and well being of every member of society, receiving or declining the vaccines should be a personal choice of each individual and not a forced issue just because someone with money thinks you or your family should be terminated.

The pollution of the universe seems to be the catalyst of his not so new theory. This theory puts forth the idea that overpopulation is causing the pollution and by effectively reducing the population through massive scale forced vaccinating the masses the pollution issues will go away. It will be interesting to see if he or ANY member of his inner circle will partake in the vaccines.

He suggests, that vaccines are the true carriers of diseases that are intended to keep people unhealthy in a health care system that strives on a sick care philosophy to keep its gigantic wheels oiled and turning to get people sick and keep them sick for years of expensive care. This leaves no incentive for any medical care givers to help people get and stay healthy.

When you look at the overall makeup of this society and look at the foods that we are being fed and the medicines that are being dispensed it does really seem that there is little attention paid to anything that is actually good for us. Most medications come with a world of side effects and problems and even vaccines admittedly kill some of the people off. It is believed that the current H1N1 scare and the subsequent vaccinations are actually making people more susceptible to the disease itself as most people who take vaccines are actually the ones who are also getting the flu but are consistently being told that it is a different strain then the one they were immunized with.

To say the least it is an interesting spin on what we deem health care and it does leave you to wonder if the government really does have your best interests at heart. After all, if they were looking at these immunizations to reduce the population would we even know it? Are we really just going along with the mainstream population very simply because the government tells us to?