Are you looking for some amazing solo cup Koozies?

Solo cup koozies are among the most favourite items extensively used by people these days. When they watch matches at the stadiums or movies at theatres, they would mostly use solo cups to cherish their favourite drinks or beer. Solo cup koozies are ideally suitable covers to slip in the solo cups so that the drinks in them are cool and fresh for a long time. Thus, solo cup koozies find their great utility.

Most people enjoy spending time at the garden parties, outdoor stadiums, parks and other entertainment spots. While they intend to make the most of their time and enjoy talking to them and laughing around, they will like to elevate their moods with a refreshing beer stored in a solo cup. If the beer has to get warm due to exposure to the outdoor climate, it will not taste as good as it was in the beginning. In such case, solo cup koozies come to your rescue to make the most of your time with a refreshing and fresh drink over an extended period of time.

Solo cup koozies are mart kind of wrappers that look chic. They can be put around the solo cups to maintain the temperature of the contents for a long time. Usually solo cups are made of disposable materials and are therefore very light. In most cases, solo cup koozies are designed to fit well on different kinds of solo cups. These koozies generally come without any bottom and therefore can be easily wrapped around the whole body of the solo cups. Thus, you can get a well insulated arrangement for your c solo cup.

Solo cups are therefore highly useful and liked by people like the solo cups themselves. Most users buy solo cup koozies when they buy solo cups. Solo cup koozies are highly suitable for outdoor uses especially when the weather is warm. Solo cup koozies are sold at nominal prices. Also, they are distributed free of cost by the businesses by way of promoting their products and services.

Solo cup koozies are perhaps among the cheapest advertising options. Since their cost is relatively much cheaper than other consumer goods, they can be used to run low budget advertising campaigns. You can easily print your company logo and the product or service information on them and distribute at promo events, conventions and trade fairs. You can also gift them to your customers when they shop from your sales outlets.

The suppliers of promotional products can meet any volume requirements of solo cup koozies. They have direct tie up with the manufacturers of these items and can therefore get them from the manufacturers and also get your promo advertisement printed on it to be delivered ready for you at your desired location. Due to their popular use and flexibility to accommodate any kind of printing, they have become one of the most popular mediums to run promotional campaigns. People not only can read your company info, but also run mobile advertising campaign for your product when they are on the move carrying your solo cup koozie.
Sabung Ayam
The Expendables – Ethan Tucker, Pacific Roots
This event is 16 and over
The Expendables

For eighteen years The Expendables have been bringing their perspective to the world of reggae rock. Instead of following the traditional cookie-cutter blend of reggae, punk, ska and hip-hop commonly replicated in the genre, The Expendables have perfected their own unique approach of face-melting solos, mind-bending jams and danceable grooves, blurring the lines of where one genre ends and another begins.
Hailing from shores of Santa Cruz, California, three quarters of this four piece met in the halls of Soquel High. After high school Adam Patterson (Drums/Vocals), Raul Bianchi (Lead Guitar/Keys) and Geoff Weers (Guitar/Vocals) would part ways from their high school bass player and in 1999 the band would enlist hometown native Ryan DeMars (Bass), bringing new influence to the band’s stage presence and their songwriting process.
Once the new line up was solidified, the band worked tirelessly playing shows regionally as well as recording and self-releasing three albums, No Time To Worry (2000), Open Container (2001) and Gettin’ Filthy (2004). This determined work ethic would capture the attention of Slightly Stoopid front men and Stoopid Records label owners Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald. Doughty and McDonald would take a strong interest in the band, first taking them on tour supporting Slightly Stoopid’s shows, then signing The Expendables to Stoopid Records, releasing the label’s first non Slightly Stoopid release, 2007s self-titled The Expendables. In 2010 the partnership would also produce Prove It, staking the bands claim as one of the genre’s heavy hitters.
Three years after Prove It the band would start tracking at JingleTown Recording, a bay area studio owned by the members Green Day. The beautiful studio would be used for two recording sessions, one in 2013 and one in 2014 setting the stage for the bands new release.
On January 13, 2015 The Expendables dropped Sand In the Sky to a hungry fan base excited for the bands new album. Fans immediately responded, loving the new tracks and gravitating toward the hypnotic Starry Night, dance-friendly jam Music Move Me as well as Nothing I Wouldn’t Do bringing a slight blend of the bands older sound back into the mix.
The band has taken no down time jumping straight out on 2015’s Winter Blackout Tour currently traveling across the country jamming to large crowds everywhere. With a date slated on this Summer’s Wakarusa festival and plenty of touring plans in the work this is going to be another great year for The Expendables.