Are You Making Money With Your Email List?

Most of us who do email marketing have built our list with the goal of making money from it. There are several ways you can make money online with an emauil list and in this article we will talk about a few of them.

1. Ezine. This was the first real way that I saw people make money from email marketing.

Publish an email newsletter or sell advertising in it. I’m still subscribed to a handful of newsletters that I joined several years ago.

Most of them sell advertising in a variety of ways. One thing you can do is put a top sponsor ad at the top of your ezine.

You can also insert classified ads in the body of the newsletter. You can even sell a bottom sponsor ad as well.

These are all easy ways to monetize an email newsletter. Be consistent in how you insert these ads into the newsletter and they can be a good source of income for you.

2. Email solo ads. Other Internet marketers will pay to advertise to your list.

As a matter of fact this is a way for anyone to do email marketing if they do not have a list of their own. It’s also a good way for Internet marketers to pick up subscribers for their own email list.

3. Updates to your blog. This is a favorite way of mine to drive traffic to my blog which can then lead to income in various ways.

When you make a blog post be sure to bookmark it using a service such as Only Wire. Then send out an email to your list directing them back to the blog URL.

The best way to do this is write a catchy subject line that people want to click on. Then just copy the first couple sentences from your blog post and paste them in the body of your email. Under them include the URL back to the blog article and you will generate traffic to your blog where ytou can sell things.

4. Affiliate marketing. If you sell affiliate products you should be building a list so you can follow up with your subscribers in the future.

Most people are not going to purchase an affiliate product on the first exposure. Some people have to see numerous exposures before they are ready to take action.

I like to think of this as top of mind awareness advertising. Keep your offer in front of your subscribers and when they’re ready to act on it you will get the sale.

These are a few ideas on making money with your email list. As you can see making money with email marketing can be done in multiple ways.
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