Are You Ready to Change Your Life and Pursue Your Goals?

It is easy to lose yourself and your dreams during bleak economic times such as these. Each day the news gives us plenty of reasons to dread the future instead of pursuing our dreams. I believe that this is no way to live. I teach tactics for improving your life in challenging times. In addition, to pursue your dreams NOW. I believe in the ultimate human desire to succeed, and to be prosperous in every aspect of your life. Your health, relationships, work, career, and your chosen place of residence.

Life is what happens to us. We have absolutely no control over the outer world situations and circumstances. However, you can change your focus and use this time to work on your future. You can take charge of your inner world. Everything starts with the power of each individual. Let that individual be YOU.

“The journey to a thousand miles must start with the first STEP.” (Lao Tzu) Take one-step towards your desired future goal everyday. Do one action towards your goal everyday.

The essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are. Know exactly what you want, Have a solid plan, Action, Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, Commonsense, Intuition, Contemplation, Focus, Affirmations, Visualizations, Enthusiasm, Self Love, and Seeding. The following words are always a good guide. Decision, Desire, Direction, Determination, Discipline, and Diligence. Belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. Have a positive internal dialog. Use the words, I AM. I CAN and I WILL Affirmation. I AM a Creative, Happy, Positive, Prosperous, Healthy, Successful, Energetic, Motivated, Enthusiastic Person.

( Thomas Edison said) “Good fortune is what happens when an Opportunity meets with Planning.” ” There is something spiritual within human beings that craves creativity and have a powerful yearning that transcends beyond effort and common sense” Contentment is also a key to prosperity. Always be contented where you are while you work towards where you are going. ” Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. WORK, WORK, WORK is they key to prosperity.”

Things to watch out for. Negative influences. Expectations others put on you. Negative thoughts. Did I do or say the right thing. Did I offend them. What will they think of me. Will they approve of what I am doing. Should I, Could I, and Would I, Always seeking approval from others. The Mind can only serve ONE master, Negative or Positive, but not Both. What are you thinking, trying to be perfect. We are all a work in progress. This is your life to live. Live it to the full. Do not waste another minute. You have the seeds of greatness inside of you, feed them, and nurture them, with all of the essential positive suggestions that I give you.

Some people see things as they are and ask WHY. I choose to see and dream of things that never were, and say WHY NOT. Our purpose on this earth is to become the best person we can be and to become successful at whatever we passionately choose to do.

Procrastination will keep you from achieving your goals. Example, A car dealer could not decide whether to stay small or to expand his business. He kept procrastinating. One day he had an Idea. If I start a procrastination club for other small business people who are procrastinators, we can help each other. That was a good idea, however he procrastinated on the idea so long the club never eventuated. Give yourself a D.I.N degree, and Do It Now. Put a sign on the wall. Saying “I have a D.I.N. degree.” It is a great affirmation to get things done.

False Beliefs will steal your dreams. We base our lives on our beliefs. How do you know that your beliefs are true? Where did they come from? Are they serving your best interest? Are you living in fear of change? You cannot change what is already over, However, you can choose when and where to go forward. When we are living in fear, we only have three choices’ Fight, Flight, or Freeze. Fear will steal your success. Are you stuck in the past? When you choose to live in the past, you cannot move forward. We can only escape from a negative past by adding something better to our future. Check out your belief system and make any necessary changes. You will find that most of your problems in life come from a false belief . If you believe you will never be successful, you probably will not. If you believe you cannot earn lots of money, you probably will not.

Example, This is an old poem, but oh! so true. MY WAGE. I bargained with life for a penny, and life would pay me no more. However, I begged at the evening, when I counted my scanty score. For life is a just employer, He gives you just what you ask. However, once you have set the wages, Then you must bear the task. I worked all my life for a menial wage, only to learn, to late, That any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have willingly paid. ( Jessie Rittenhouse.) What are your beliefs about money? Do you need to make some changes? Create a new belief system, fill your inner house full of thoughts that will serve you well. Our mind is not limited to outer-world reality. We create our own reality within. Opportunities will open up for you when you open yourself up to receive them. Affirm to yourself,” I AM a magnet for money, happiness, and prosperity.” Or, ” I’ve got so much energy, if I could bottle it I would be a millionaire.” Speak words of. ” I feel great “use the word love instead of hate.

YOUR WORDS TRULY ARE YOUR MAGIC WAND. As you speak- so it is. Think Positive, Strong, Uplifting, Contributing, Thoughts that will bring Positive Results. Do not allow yourself to think Negative, Weak, Contaminating, Useless and Scattered Thoughts they bring Negative Results. Our mind cannot sort or filter the thousands of thoughts in our head. This is our job. Only allow good thoughts into your head. Thoughts are a living creative powerful substance. Thoughts are meant to be our servants and serve us well. Are your thoughts serving you well? If not, why are you allowing them to stay in your mind. Start to change them One by One. Everyday. Thoughts are Real Powerful Forces. Thoughts create our personal energy. The energy you create is the energy you attract to you. Are Your Thoughts Killing You? Change your thoughts and your life will change. What Changes do you need to make? We change our clothes and think nothing of it. We change our minds and think nothing of it. We change our cars, homes, jobs, friends, and think nothing of it. Yet there is such resistance in the word change.

We have at our feet endless possibilities. So what would you choose to change about your life? What would be the ultimate? Cherish the challenge of change. It is the very essence of life. You have the power and the ability to change whatever you want. You must become the changes that you want to see happen. If you want Love, you must first become a loving person. If you want truth, you must first become a truthful person.. If you want happiness, You must first become a happy person. This is the law of attraction. The power to make right choices comes from Truth, and Truth is within you. When truthfulness is achieved, your words require the power to make them virtuous. What ever you Think, Speak and diligently act upon with enthusiasm, faith, and belief will inevitably happen. Robert Browning said. ” Ah, but a mans reach to achieve, should exceed his grasp, or what’s heaven for?’ We create our own heaven or hell here on earth. Everyone in this universe is blessed by the very presence of everyone else. Life is a joining of hearts and souls. Who you are makes a difference.

Everyday feed your mind with thoughts of, I AM a Wonderful, Beautiful, Special, Wise, Lovable, Caring, Kind, Thoughtful, Happy, Independent, Considerate, Spontaneous, Understanding, Compassionate, Accepting, Inspiring, Loving, Calm, Peaceful, Creative, Strong, Exciting, Trusting, Talented, Healthy and Radiant person. Cut this out and put it on your mirror, say it to yourself everyday. Looking in the mirror, you are looking at the person responsible for your health and happiness. Be yourself. Love yourself. Live your life triumphantly and Do not ever give up.