Astrology and New Years Resolutions

Why would astrology have anything to do with the old style habit of making New Years resolutions? When we look a little deeper into the tradition there is an astrological principle that the New Year is the time to recommit to objectives. Nonetheless as most resolutions are broken by the third week of the year what is the dilemma?

The winter solstice December 21st marks the end of long nights (in the northern hemisphere) and the celebration of the return of the Sun, which is in essence the astrological New Year. Yes our New Year officially begins on January 1st, not December 21st, but that is one more story suffice to say it was changed to stamp out old pagan techniques yet appease the tradition of celebrating a new starting. The New Year occurs in the constellation of Capricorn, the sign that is a organic sign for ambitions. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline. This is the perfect time that you will feel much more disciplined in your life and can develop targets for the New Year.

So if this is such a great time then why is it that New Year resolutions dont stick? An astrological cause is that when you set forth an intention if the planets are not aligned in a way that symbolizes final results, you will not get the benefits you are seeking for. The time to make your resolutions for 2009 will be on the new moon in Capricorn which is December 27th at 7:23 am EST. The day of and the day soon after the new moon is the very best time to set forth your intention for a wonderful New Year.

The new moon in Capricorn can fall on any provided day among December 21st and January 19th. The opportunity of the new moon falling when it is fortuitous to make resolutions is after each and every 15 years, even then if there are too numerous planets retrograde that develop obstacles your resolutions get thwarted. The third week of the year, the time most resolutions are broken, the Sun enters into Aquarius which asks us to be cost-free and do what we genuinely want. If your promises to your self have been not genuine then out with the guidelines and in with private freedom.

So what to do? Spend attention to the New Moon, and write down your intentions for 2009 on Saturday or Sunday the 27th or 28th. Be truthful with your self of what you are committed to versus what you consider you should do. The Capricorn lesson is to get more than the shoulds in life. Any resolution you make that has an element of I should but dont want to will be abandoned, the power is about discipline for a objective that you truly want, not what somebody else thinks is good or some thing that society says we ought to have, be or do. With these tips in thoughts 2009 will be your greatest year however.
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