Astrology Forecast For September 2009 – General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

The big news for September is Mercury’s retrograde, which will consume most of the month. But, we also have 2 slow outer planets, Saturn and Uranus, coming to the 3rd peak of their opposition. It will probably be best to follow the boy scout’s motto and “be prepared” for just about anything as our seasons change from Summer to Fall.

September begins with Mercury and Mars fighting and fighting. Most of us will be feeling somewhat tense, and there will be a higher probability of accidents on the freeways. Some of us may say a few things we regret, before Mercury turns retrograde on Labor Day, September 7th.

Labor Day weekend could begin with quite a stir with the Pisces Full Moon on Friday. Many will be sensitive and some will be using their addictions to numb those feelings. We will get our second wind on Sunday, but guard against impulsive behavior. You may end up in an accident with one of those drunken drivers. And, we will have the usual Mercury retrograde station problems like travel delays and detours, communication problems, and just plain mental confusion all the way through Tuesday, September 8th. (Happy Labor Day?)

Those of us with dominate Scorpio in our charts may feel like the first week of Mercury’s retrograde is absolute hell. Its not Mercury’s retrograde. Its Pluto turning direct. Many of us will find that we are ready to throw away the garbage in our lives September 7th through the 14th, but we will hit the peak of that energy on September 11th, Patriot Day.

The week of September 14th could be very challenging with 8 of the 10 major planets conflicting in some way. Saturn and Uranus will be hitting the 3rd peak of their 2 year long opposition on Tuesday, and on the same day Venus and Neptune will be at odds. Then a couple days later the Sun joins the Saturn-Uranus dispute, and Mercury in retrograde picks a fight with Pluto. The whole week could bring a lot of frustration, accidents, and perhaps even some rebellious behavior.

The weekend will begin with the Virgo new moon on Friday, September 18, and we should get a bit of a reprieve from the anxiety and irritations. It will be a great time for parties and romance, and maybe some of that ghost hunting I mentioned in my Mercury Retrograde article.

There will be just a few more hurtles to jump during the first few days of the week of September 21st. There could be some jealousy, overreacting, misunderstandings, and sudden bad news through Thursday, September 24, but the rest of the month should be a breeze.

Mercury will be turning direct on Tuesday, September 29th, but this time Mars will be sending positive energy. There may be a few typical Mercury retrograde problems, like delays and misunderstandings, but it won’t be anything we can’t handle.

We had eclipses in July and August, Mercury’s retrograde in September, and guess what, people? There is nothing major coming in October. It should be a creative month with a few ups and downs. Check back next month for the details.