Astrology-Natal-Birth Chart- Helped Me Understand My Father’s Life And Pains

Astrology-Natal-Birth Chart- Helped Me Understand My Father’s Life And Pains

As I watched my Father as a child, it seemed like every positive step my Father took the “Universe” attacked him with Negative Energies. Astrology initially helped me understand the erratic, stormy and violent traits of my Scorpio Father. Yet, it was my Father’s Birth (Natal) Chart that fully explained why his life was so tormented. 

My Father Had A Total Of 5 Retrogrades On The Day Of His Birth 

Retrogrades can mean “stress”, drama, health concerns, and over all “bad” news. I often wondered why a man who has such “good” ideas was stopped “dead in his tracks” by the Universe. I’ve always said that my Father’s biggest mistake was he loved others more than he loved himself. He died of a heart attack and heart broken. 

Here’s What Was Going On In The Universe On The Day My Father Was Born 

Sun In Scorpio-Scorpio Is Ruled By Planet Pluto. Pluto Is The Planet Of The Unknown, Powerful Energy And/Or Elimination. A Person Under The Sign Of Scorpio Can Be Inquisitive, Accusing, Erratic, Stormy (Violent), Information Seeking, Sensual And Secretive 

Pluto Retrograde In Leo-Leo Is Ruled By The Sun-And Pluto Rules Scorpio, The Sun Was In Scorpio When My Father “Daddy” Was Born. We’ll Have To Examine This Retrograde In The “Retrograde” Section. It Appears That The Universe Was “Holding Back” Or “Limiting (Retrograding)” The Energies And Possibilities Of This Powerful Scorpio. 

Moon In Scorpio-The Moon Controls Emotions And Subconscious-The Moon Rules Cancer-With The “Moon Connection”-This Scorpio Would Have A “High Connection” To The Other World(S) And May Also Be Psychic 

Chrion The Healer Retrograde In Cancer-It Appears That The Universe Put Some Type Of “Hold (Retrograde)” On My Father’s “Cancer/Moon/Family/Psychic” Connection. My Father Has 5 Retrogrades. So All Retrogrades Should Be Studied Together In “The Five Retrograde Planet” Section Below 

True (North) Node Scorpio-It Is Very Unique To See A Zodiac Sign Where The Sun, Moon, And True Node Reside In That Sign. Venus Also Was In Scorpio On That Day, But Was Retrograde, So We Will Examine This In The “Retrograde” Section Below. The True Node Is The Sign That This New Born Should Try To Achieve In His/Her Life Time. This Scorpio Is A Very Powerful Scorpio 

Mercury In Sagittarius- Mercury Rules Communications And Devices. Sagittarius Is The “People Person” Sign. Mercury Rules Gemini And Virgo. Sagittarius Is Ruled By Jupiter 

Jupiter In Aquarius-Jupiter Is The Planet Of Expansion And Good Fortune. Aquarius Is The Planet Of Humanity, Enlightenment, And Technology. Aquarius Is Ruled By Uranus. Uranus Was Retrograde In Taurus. We Have To Understand Why The Universe (God) Saw The Need To Retrograde My Father’s Positive Qualities In So Many Areas. 

Neptune In Virgo-Neptune Is The Planet Of Dreams And Ideas. Neptune Rules Pisces (Inspiration). Virgo Is The Planet Of Health And Critical Analysis. 

It Appears That This Scorpio Would Be A Great Communicator, A “People Person”, Healthy And Idealistic. We Can’t Fully Assert This “Assumption” Until We Examine The Effects Of The Four Planet (And Chiron Totally Five) Retrogrades. 

Mars In Libra-Mars Is A Planet Of Struggles And Rules Aries-Saturn Is Retrograde In Aries. Libra And Taurus Are Both Ruled By Venus. Venus Is Retrograde In Scorpio And Uranus Is Retrograde In Taurus. It Appears That The Universe Foreordained That Most Paths Of Optimism For My Father “Daddy” Would Be Limited Or “Pulled Back” By A Retrograde Association.Examining The 5 Retrogrades In The Birth (Natal) Chart For My Father – “Daddy” –


Venus Retrograde In Scorpio-Venus Is The Planet Of Emotions And Finances. My Father Would Be Limited Or “Pulled Back” From Obtaining Emotions And Finances In His Life Time. Venus Rules Libra And Taurus. Scorpio Is Ruled By Pluto 

Uranus Retrograde In Taurus-Uranus Is The Planet Of Sudden Change And Opposing (Rebellion) The Status Quo. Taurus Is The Hardworking, Patient And Sometimes Sensual Sign-Taurus Is Ruled By Venus. It Appears That My Father’s Work, Employment, Finances And Emotional Life Would All Be “Held Back” By The Universe 

Pluto Retrograde In Leo-Pluto Is The Planet Of Great Energy, The Unknown, And/Or Elimination. Leo Is The Sign Of Boldness. It Appears That The Unknown Would “Pull” My Father Back In A Bold Manner. The Fact That Pluto Rules Scorpio Indicates How Powerful This Pull Would Be.  This Explains Why The Universe Gave This Scorpio So Much Power With Sun, Moon And True Node Alignment. This Was To Help “Oppose” The “Pull Back” (Sluggish) Energies Of The Retrogrades. 

Base On This Chart, I Would Assume That My Father Was A Somewhat “Sluggish” Person Who Was Often Accused Of “Missing Opportunities” And/Or Never “Doing Anything” With His Life. 

Saturn Retrograde In Aries-Saturn Rules Cancer. Saturn Is The Planet Of Karma And Responsibility. Aries Is The Sign Of Aggression 

Chiron The Healer Retrograde In Cancer. Cancer Is The Family And Protection Sign. 

My Father Would Be Pulled Back And Would Not Be Aggressive Toward His Family’s Concerns Or Their Well Being (Protection, Security). My Father Would Not Be A “Healer” When It Came To Family Concerns. 

Other Placements To Examine 

The Ascendant Is Aquarius-Aquarius Is The Sign Of Enlightenment, Humanity, And Technology. Aquarius Is Ruled By Uranus. But Uranus Is Retrograde In Taurus. The Universe Prevented My Father From Enlightening Or Assisting Others 

The Descendant Is Leo. The Descendent Is The 7th House Of Partnerships, Marriage, And How Others View You. Pluto Is Retrograde With Leo In The Descendant. The “Unknown” Would Be “Holding Back” Or Eliminating The 7th House (Ruled By Libra) Leo Affect. Because Of This Powerful Retrograde, My Father Would Probably Be Viewed As “Sluggish” And “Lacking Luster” By Others 

The Imum Coeli Is Gemini. Gemini’s Are Geniuses But Are Conflicting. The Imum Coeli (Ic) Is The Root And The Subconscious Of This Person. Gemini And Virgo Are Both Ruled By Mercury. Mercury Was In Sagittarius. This Implies That My Father Would Be A Great Communicator With The People.  Sagittarius Is Ruled By Jupiter. Jupiter Is The Planet Of Good Fortune And Was In Aquarius. Aquarius Is Humane Enlightenment And Is Ruled By Uranus. Uranus Was Retrograde Which Would “Hold Back” These Positive Things. Neptune Was In Virgo. Neptune Rules Pisces (Inspiration). 

It Appears That The Idealistic, Healthy, Analytical (Critical) Aspect Would Not Be “Pulled Back” By The Retrograde It Appears That The Conflicting, Genius Of Gemini Would Be Allowed To Progress Forward. 

Summary: It Appears That The Universe Blocked All “Life Possibilities” For My Father Except For: Genius, Conflicting Personality, Communicator, People

Person, And Idealistic. This Natal Chart Does Not Imply Whether My Father Would Be Healthy Or Not. I’m Assuming That With All The Retrogrades (Blocks And Set Backs) That My Father Would Be Overweight (Unhealthy) Especially If He Smoked Cigarettes Or Over Used Alcohol. The Powerful Energies Of All These Retrogrades Would Be Enough To End Any One’s Life Early. 

For Some Reason, It Appears That The Universe Wanted My Father “Daddy” To Achieve His Imum Coeli (Gemini) Instead Of His True Node (Scorpio). It Almost Seems Like A Mistake Was Made, And The Universe Sent The Retrogrades To Force My Father “Daddy” To Be That Conflicting Gemini. If It Wasn’t For The Retrogrades, My Father “Daddy” Would Have Been A Powerful, Supernatural, Caring, And Great Leader. 

Why God, Why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 

I don’t know why God’s Universe was so “hard” on my Father. I’ve always felt that I witnessed my Father’s pains to help me avoid making the same decisions (and/or mistakes). In my Natal (Birth) Chart, I have similar “obstacles”. I am gratefully allowed to teach the information God has given me to a limited degree. 

This article can be edited and freely utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin)