At Home Teeth Whitening System That Works!

Have you been searching for a way to whiten your smile? There are hundreds of at home teeth whitening systems on the market today. Most are quite expensive and rarely do what they claim! Not to mention how messy, uncomfortable and time consuming at home teeth whitening products can be. That is old news! Now there is breaking technology and new hope for brighter smiles!

Typically the at home teeth whitening systems use chemicals that not only damage the enamel they also cause your teeth to become very sensitive. It can be very painful to eat or drink anything that is especially hot or cold. I really don’t think having white teeth should mean changing the way we eat and drink every day of our lives!

Did you know that even the dentist uses a procedure that causes permanent damage to your enamel? That is simply unacceptable! Technology is moving at the speed of light and yet they can’t find a way to whiten your teeth without causing permanent damage to them? This really angered me as I am sure it has many of you!

I have spent so much money on these at home teeth whitening systems over the past year. I literally could have paid for a full set of dentures by now! However, I like my teeth and want to keep them; I just want the stains from years of coffee drinking removed! Is that really so much to ask for?

After spending hours and hours researching, talking to friends, surfing the web, I finally found an at home teeth whitening system that actually does what it claims to do! Finally someone is taking advantage of new technology! This is ground breaking! The formula they use not only removes severe stains, but it does not cause any damage to the enamel! No more sensitive teeth!

It comes in a small pen like package and can be used any where any time! It’s discreet and unlike so many other at home teeth whitening systems, actually gets in between the teeth. It eliminates stains and strengthens your teeth! It claims to whiten your smile 7-9 shades! I have only recently started using it and already my teeth are at least 7 shades whiter and the stains are gone! The really cool part is I am still drinking coffee and no new stains are appearing!

This stuff works! No more hype, no more false claims, just whiter teeth without the damage and the mess!