Ateronon – The Tomato Skin Wonder

Medifast is one of the most famous dieting programs in the United States today. The success of this diet program is owing to its effectiveness and affordability. That is why more people are joining the program everyday as it eliminates individual efforts to select the best food to eat to stay healthy since the program is handled and monitored by highly trained specialists and health experts.

Outside the United States, the new fat burning product, Alli seems to be gaining ground day by day. Its general acceptability are not unconnected to its simplicity of use as well as its accessibility and availability. Since the product can be purchased over the counter, it becomes easy for people to buy it in their local shops or super markets and try it out immediately.

Among elites and the internet survey people, “Strip That Fat” is the most popular. This is a very informative and comprehensive e-book that teaches you step by step how to burn fat quickly and maintain the best weight you may desire for yourself. This powerful eBook is very informative and is good for anyone who enjoys to do things by himself or who is conversant with any DIY products.

As powerful and affordable these programs may be, the unfortunate fact is that there are still some people who can’t afford them. If you belong to this set of people or you are still looking for a cheaper alternative, then Ateronon is for you. This is a new product developed in the UK by Theranostics Ltd, a subsidiary of the Cambridge University. According to the scientists, this product is derived from common tomatoes. They explain further that the major ingredient in Ateronon is a substance called lycopene found in the skin of ripe tomato. Lycopene is a very powerful substance that effectively cleanse the heart and reduce cholesterol very fast. Also it is generally agreed among human biological scientists that Lycopene can be very useful in cancer prevention.

Although full clinical trial are yet to be conducted, the manufacturers claimed that tests carried out on 150 heart disease sufferers were 100% successful (reported in Sky News). Meanwhile, the product is expected to be on sale to the public in July, this year. You don’t need till then to help yourself. Since we know that the product is derived from the skin of tomato, you can start treating yourself with tomato rich diets and use chopped tomatoes rather peeled tomatoes or fresh and unprocessed tomatoes rather than processed and canned tomatoes in cooking. Mediterraneans and Africans will be better off by sticking to their dietary systems which are very rich in tomatoes already. At least, if you can’t afford Medifast or Alli, you must be able to afford tomato.