Attention Bodybuilders – Here is a Fundamental Muscle Building Truth

Most of us who do bodybuilding or lift weights are doing it to get bigger and stronger. If this is you, then you may find this interesting.

Having seen a number of people working out in gyms, having spoken to a number of friends and colleagues who train with weights, and having seen a lot of posts in various bodybuilding forums, I have some bad news for you;

You’re going about it the wrong way!

It seems that most folk who do bodybuilding don’t have a clear idea of what their goal is, or how to achieve it judging by what they get up to when they work out, because most of the routines they are using are just plain wrong.

That explains why they’re wasting their time doing dumbbell flyes or bicep curls, or tricep kickbacks, or preacher curls, or hammer curls, or any other exercise similar to these.

The fundamental truth they’re all ignoring is this:

The quickest way to get bigger and stronger is to build the biggest and strongest muscles in the body.

What all the movements above have in common is that they target the smallest muscle groups in the body. You’ll never build any meaningful size or strength if you waste time doing little isolation movements.

I’m not saying that all isolation movements are a waste of time, but I am saying that the vast majority of them are. (There are some essential isolation exercises, but that’s a topic for a different article.)

I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen in gyms doing some sort of bicep curl. The bicep muscle only forms about one third of the muscle mass of the upper arm.

The tricep is at least a bigger muscle than the bicep. But it’s by no means a big muscle in the body.

If you focus on building the largest muscles in your body that is the absolute fastest way for you to gain size, strength and muscular body weight. Another benefit you’ll get is that building the largest muscles makes the smaller muscles (like the bicep, tricep, etc.) much more responsive to weight training exercises.

The largest muscles in the body are the leg muscles, e.g. quadriceps & glutes. I mentioned dumbbell flyes above. These primarily affect the pectoral muscles, but again, the pecs are not as large as any of the major leg muscles, or as big as the lat muscles, let alone the trapezius muscle in the ( the kite shaped muscle in the middle of your back.)

I guess the reason a lot of folk concentrate on building big biceps or pecs is because they’re more showy muscles. But the quickest way to build big bi’s and pecs is to build the major muscle groups up first, and then your pecs and bi’s will be more responsive to weight training.

This is why compound exercises are so great, they target the largest muscle groups.

For example, the squat targets all the major leg muscles as well as the back muscles.
The dead lift targets all the major muscle groups. If I was told that I could only do one weight training exercise it would be the dead lift.

For the upper body, the chin is often known as the “Upper body squat”, which gives an idea of how effective it is in building the major back muscles.

The bench press is great for building the front upper body muscles, including your Pecs and the Triceps, which forms two thirds of your arm mass.

So when you plan your next weight training routine, ask yourself how many major muscle groups are you really targeting with your exercise selection.

Always remember;

The quickest way to get bigger and stronger is to build the biggest and strongest muscles in the body.