Audrina Patridge Is Excited About Her Reality Show

Audrina Patridge is in the news once again, but this time it is not because of her drunken mothers outburst but because she is excited to talk about her new reality show. Being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars doesnt bother Audrina since she is not sad about it since she is looking forward to her new show.

Audrina Talks about Her New Show
Audrina says her reality show will be about her real life and not a show as such. On this show she is going to share her experience of trying to make it in Hollywood with her fans. She shrugs off the answer to a question regarding potential competition from Lauren Conrad who also has a reality show stating that it is two different people and two different shows, so there is no question of a competition between them.

A Bad Rap
Competition in Hollywood and in the world of celebrities is an everyday thing. Celebrities compete for everything from fashion, to endorsements, to films, and roles, and they even compete for the amount of surgeries they undergo to look good and stay fit. There are several celebrities who undergo multiple liposuction surgeries to remove any trace of fat that they accumulate on their bodies. Being slim and beautiful is an obsession for the rich and the famous, so celebrities would do anything to look good. Liposuction surgeries are a common deal, and some people even take them just to be amongst the ones who have undergone surgeries. Liposuction surgeries are misused all around the world and have thus gained a bad reputation. The Hills star Audrina Patridge is now proving to people that she can’t have it all-and that includes having a beautiful body with liposuction that will put her body into shape. Now it is apparent that beautiful Hollywood girls, like her, dont need to work hard in order to achieve a fabulous body.