Augmented Reality: Future Tech or Old Tech News?

Google Glass has actually created the tech news across the webosphere light up like wild fire. Augmented reality is the next large factor and future tech is seeking rather exciting.

Google has been getting into headlines of technology news over the previous year for their innovative Google Glass technologies. I’ve heard some individuals refer to Glass as a virtual reality device, but in reality it falls into what we contact, augmented reality. The important distinction among VR and AR is that even though virtual reality put you into an entirely simulated planet, AR merely creates a way for you to expertise the genuine globe with pc generates alterations to its components.

Is Google Glass truly the future tech they’ve been touting it as though? Most folks seem unaware that we’ve been making use of AR for years now, and it did not appear like breaking tech news till Google started playing with it. We’re currently in an age where maps can operate with your phone show and camera to give you a line to comply with even though walking. Heck, even the Wii, Kinect, and Playstation Move, count as AR and nobody appears overly impressed by them either. It doesn’t seem considerably like future technology now, does it?

CrowdOptic hasn’t made a lot technology news, but created a exclusive ability with AR. With CrowdOptic on your telephone it collects metadata from all of the phones in your location. From that it figures out what area are the most active, and where individuals are pointing their smartphone camera. If that doesn’t seem like future tech, then I’ll give you an example. You happen to be at a sporting occasion and determine to take out your telephone for a couple of pictures. Crowd Optic can tell you if anyone you happen to be facebook buddies with is at the exact same event with you, where most individuals are pointing their cameras, and connect you to the reside commentary of the event. They have even designed a new event named the Virtual Gallery that need to be in tech news. In the Virtual Gallery it knows where you happen to be pointing your camera, when pointed to the proper region a function of art will be displayed. It’s like being in an art gallery, with no getting to really do something.

As you can see, augmented reality almost certainly shouldn’t truly be breaking tech news headlines. It is been around, I know, you know, and it was even in a telephone industrial. You know the a single exactly where the guy points his phone at a regional restaurant and critiques his friends have left pop up. Yep, that’s more augmented reality stuff. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of cool issues to be carried out with AR in future technology. These just aren’t ever going to be as exceptional as I really feel people count on AR to be. Cool? Certain. AR Tower Defense lets you produce your personal map then overlays the game into it. That is cool, not worth a tech news headline, but cool.

Google Glass has fundamentally just shoved a couple of normal smartphone functions in a pair of glasses. I do not know if I’d even want a bunch of stuff displayed in my glasses whilst I’m trying to reside my life. It sounds sort of annoying to be sincere. But, maybe I’m incorrect, maybe AR’s future tech will be dominated future technologies news and I’ll look like a fool, but I doubt it.

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