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2004 version of “Automotive Industry Development Policy” is about to complete its historic mission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Monitoring and Coordination Bureau Xin Guobin run before the Industrial communication industry in 2009 to run a news conference, said: “new” Automotive Industry Development Policy “amendment drawing to a close, I hope the first half of this year to. “
Analysts believe that China’s auto market in 2009, production and sales ranked first in the world, the new automobile industry development policy focus will be: based on their own brands and new energy vehicles, and stronger auto groups.
Bigger and stronger tone change
Management in 1994 and 2004 has been introduced two versions of Automotive Industry Development Policy, 2004 edition of the automotive industry policy, planning objectives are limited to 2010, today, the then planning objectives have been realized.
Automotive Industry Policy Review 2004 Edition, which raised a number of policy objectives are centered on “big” to do the article. Including the proposed “in 2010 made China become the world’s major automotive manufacturers, automotive products meet most of the domestic market demand and volume into the international market; in 2010 to form a number of automobile manufacturers famous cars, motorcycles and parts brand ; through market competition a few internationally competitive large auto groups, by 2010 into the list of Fortune 500 companies, “and so on.
Although the 2004 edition of the automotive industry policy has been criticized by industry for the exhaustive and operational deficiencies, but in encouraging the development of energy-saving environment-friendly vehicles, and mergers and acquisitions, the still have a certain forward-looking and positive.
In 2009, due to the beginning of the revitalization plan introduced in the automotive industry and related automotive consumer incentives, annual car sales in China breakthroughs 13.6 million, production and sales volume rank first in the world.
According to a revised version of the discussion involved in the industry sources, the global auto market in China, the context of the summit, the new automobile industry development policy, will keynote the “bigger” to “strong” change. Judging from known, new automobile industry development policy than the 2004 version improved maneuverability, but considering the recent introduction of the automobile industry intensive restructuring and revitalization plan and supporting measures, and the forthcoming “for car makers guidance on mergers and acquisitions, “a series of guidance documents, the new automobile industrial policy will continue to the main direction of the content.
From the “strong” point of view, the new automobile industrial policy will focus on encouraging enterprises to increase own-brand cars, and the core components of the R & D technical transformation, emphasizing brand, channel construction, consumer credit in the market to support the construction of second-hand car market to encourage independent brands “go.”
Own brand sales double
Currently, the revised policy has been part of the exposure. According to informed sources, has been clearly put forward a revised version of 2015, its own car brand to the domestic market accounted for 50% of own-brand cars to account for 40% of the domestic car market goals.
China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics show that the end of 2009, its own car brand has been accounted for 44.3% of the domestic market, own-brand vehicles accounted for 29.67% of the domestic market, not far from the policy objectives.
Securities chief analyst of national auto industry Cao crane that from the vehicle population, China only has a car on average less than 40 per thousand vehicles, only the United States, five percent, less than one-third of the world average. Therefore, car ownership in China have huge room for growth.
Northeast Securities analyst Liu Lixi that, from 2000 to 2009, China’s auto production is about 22.6% compound annual growth rate, GDP per capita from the ratio of price and terms, car production and sales to maintain 20% growth rate will remain 5 years time.
Domestic passenger car sales in 2009 10,331,300, to the conservative compound annual growth rate of the next five years 10% calculation, domestic car sales in 2015 expected to reach 18,302,500, additional sales of about 8 million. By then, annual sales of own-brand passenger cars need to reach 9.15 million, 50% party line with policy objectives. This means that, compared with 2009 sales of 4.574 million own-brand passenger cars in 2015, sales of own-brand passenger cars will double.
Sales doubled the next five years based on the judge, not difficult to understand why the recent independent domestic brands blossom everywhere a new expansion project. Geely, Chery, Chang’an, the Great Wall, BYD, Brilliance, Lifan, JAC, hippocampus and other enterprises, without exception, its own brand cars in the recently announced expansion, planning a total investment of nearly 60 billion yuan.
Analysts believe that, from an investment point of view, the next 5 years if the specific goal of doubling sales volume, capacity expansion is imperative, current low interest rate environment and a moderately easy monetary policy to facilitate corporate financing. Meanwhile, the capacity expansion is most important is the land, plan ahead, purchase of land, not only lock the low cost, you can also reap capital gains.
The idle capacity problems, the industry said the cars are usually enterprises that are planning production capacity, actual production is not that high. An Conghui example, previously vice president of Geely Automobile Base in Lanzhou, said when Phase II expansion, Lanzhou base a planning capacity of 50,000, the actual capacity is only 20,000.
In addition, exposure of the new auto industry policy, also said to encourage the implementation of its own brand going out strategy, future large-scale backbone enterprises in overseas sales of cars take 20% of its total sales.
In many ambitious marketing its own brand program, has as its major objective of the overseas market. With Geely, Chery led Army has started its own brand in Southeast Asia and Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia to establish assembly plant. Chairman Li Shufu, Geely Automobile said earlier in Lanzhou, “Geely Automobile production and sales in 2015 to complete the strategic goal of 2 million has not changed, but the structure to do some adjustments, we need to be adjusted to one half of exports, half domestic.”
But for large key automotive enterprises, especially the “big four”, the outlet may not be as smooth a road. As the “big four” of the passenger car sales mainly came from the joint venture, the “big four” in the effort to cultivate its own brand, we must also convince the joint venture partners in China as the Asia-Pacific region clearly dominant base vehicle positioning. SABUNG AYAM