Avoiding Computer Viruses

Common sense and vigilance are all it takes to have a safe internet experience. We all have heard about the thousands viruses affecting computers. This is no new news for everyone. Viruses have existed since the start of the computer era. Here are some effective tips that may be of help when it comes to avoiding computer viruses.

First, make use of a good and reliable spyware, malware or adware aside from your resident shield. Aside from you antivirus software, having additional programs like anti-adware, anti-spam, anti-spyware and the like can significantly boost the security of your computer. Be sure to run these programs every time you start your computer, or better yet put them on automatic mode where they will be the ones who will block all the pop ups, ads, spam, etc that would come out when you surf the net. Do not forget to update your security software. One common mistake of people is forgetting to regularly update their anti-virus. Having security software that is no updated is as useless as having no antivirus at all.

Also remember to turn your computers firewall on. If you do not know how to turn it on, search the internet or go to the help section of your antivirus software. Firewalls are very important. They give you protection against hackers and people who might try to get access of your computer for their own purposes. When you receive or try to plug in an external hardware like a DVD, CD, floppy disk or flash drive, always scan them properly first. Viruses can also jump from one computer to another. Do not offer your flash drives into any computer because you cannot be sure about the safety precautions that other computers have. They might have a virus in their computer and it can attach to your flash drive.

When you suspect your computer to have been infected by a virus, do not panic. If you are in a middle of doing some project, save the project first and exit the program. Close all programs that you currently are running and try opening your antivirus software. Let it scan your whole computer to check if there is really a virus that has infected the computer. Some viruses can be healed by antivirus software and they will be stored in a virus vault. They can disinfect your whole system and may request you to turn it off after you do so. Just follow the instructions and you will have a successful removal of viruses.

If you have tried running your antivirus and no virus shows but your computer is still running slow. Have an expert check your computer. There are also different factors that might have caused the lag in your PC. If a virus was detected but cannot be removed, visit your computer programmer. They might reformat your computer so be ready to give them you back up. In case you have not made a back up of all your files, talk to the programmer and inform him your dilemma. They might be able to help you out.