Avon Announce New Tyre For Small Cars.

The recent announcement by Avon Tyres that it is introducing tyres specifically designed with the particular needs of small vehicles in mind will be of particular interest in these times of volatile oil prices and possible shortages. Indeed the future role of larger cars is perhaps beginning to be in some doubt as motorists everywhere look for more economical alternatives. Avon Tyres are very aware too that environmental considerations are having a profound influence on the design of all forms of future transport’ so this Avon Tyres initiative is both timely and welcome in today’s challenging conditions.

Avon Tyres has developed these new tyres specifically to suit today’s most popular small to medium-sized cars and in particular for the Ford Fiesta, The Volkswagen Polo, The Vauxhall Corsa, the Citroen C3 and the Peugot 207. These vehicles are bought and operated in very large numbers and, quite apart from helping to reduce environmental impact, Avon Tyres is keen to point out the self-same technologies that have been used in the creation of these new tyres for smaller cars will also find its way into other products that Avon Tyres produces for its various markets around the world.

In fact this latest high performance product from Avon Tyres; the ZT5, has been designed using what the company calls the latest pitch technology’ which offers significant benefits that will be of particular interest to users of popular small to medium -sized cars. Indeed the ZT5 from Avon Tyres offers reduced road noise for a quieter ride which must surely be helpful, although it has to be said that the large-bore exhaust fraternity may not see a great deal of value in this! The majority of small car users everywhere will surely agree however that this is a significant benefit in itself, although this feature incidentally also ensures that this new product from Avon Tyres conforms with EU Noise Legislation.

Avon Tyres are also keen to point out that the ZT5 features an innovative tread design that is intended to offer optimum road grip when wet. Again, this is an important benefit for small cars which, being lighter, are a little more sensitive in the wet. In addition, as Avon Tyres point out, the ZT5 provides increased resistance to Aquaplaning as well as offering improved response and handling characteristics as a result of the grooves designed into the tread pattern by Avon Tyres.

So if you are a small car user on the lookout for some new tyres that will give you a quieter, safer and more responsive driving experience, why not take a look at the new ZT5 from Avon Tyres. Available in the UK and mainland Europe from March 2010 you should be able to find it online at websites such as Tyreshopper or at your local dealer. The ZT5 from Avon Tyres is T-speed rated and is available in sizes ranging from 13 inch to 15 inch diameters. SABUNG AYAM