Awesome Games to Play at Baby Showers

Whatever kind of baby shower you are planning to have, there are always suitable games for the type of visitors you have. They can keep themselves entertained playing them while sitting in the living room and waiting for the other invitees to arrive. In this way, everyone will be having fun from the moment they enter your house.

A number of different types of games can be played during baby showers. The most convenient ones can be played using a sheet of paper. However, some games may be played on a computer or even with nothing else than a scoreboard.

The Animal Names Game

Many games for baby showers involve identifying of supplying the names of baby animals. For instance, a baby bear is a cub and a baby chicken is a chick. These name games can be given in multiple choice format or by asking the player to match the answer with the right question. They may also be in simple question and answer format.

The Game About Fruits And Baby Food

Many games for baby showers involve giving names of baby food or fruits. A player may be asked to write down as many types of baby food as he knows within one minute or so. On the other hand, the players might be asked to give two names of fruits each character in the alphabet.

Help The Parents Out With Choosing The Baby’s Name

Games for baby showers can be helpful in finding a good name for the baby. The game may require each player to write as many names as he can for each letter from a to z within a time limit. The number of names may be limited to two or three. Alternatively, flash cards may be used to display letters and the players write down one or two names starting with that letter. Instead of writing, the player may just shout out his answer.

Intellectual games

Completing nursery rhymes is an amusing game for baby showers. Games that ask questions concerning baby facts are entertaining and informative at the same time.

Guessing games

Guessing what your opponent has in her bag or his trousers is one very amusing game for baby showers. Each player needs to have a bag or a pair of baggy trousers filled with odds and end to qualify for playing. They both take turns guessing what the other has in his/her bag or trousers. The manner of playing the game can be made very exciting by including penalties every time a guess is wrong.

Make Your Own Games Up

You may also have your own ideas made into a game if you can design it so it can be played with a sheet of paper. There are sites on the internet who might be willing to do the graphics and printout for you. They will be glad to do that, possibly for free, if your idea is good enough and you allow them to resell it.

If you choose, you can do your own artistic design for the game and print it at home. Just make sure you have enough colored ink for the whole set.

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