Baby Bibs – Essential baby armour.

We all love to look great! No matter our age, race, sex or ethnicity, there is a style out there to suit us all. Whether a rock chick who punks out on a daily basis in chains and flairs with a Mohican not dissimilar to that of David Bowie in the 70’s or indeed, a conservative librarian who is more of the stereotypical tweed and beige ensemble most of us on a daily basis, take pride in our appearance.

So, just because they aren’t long out of the womb, why should it be any different for babies? Indeed, baby bibs can take your child from high street to catwalk quicker than they can say ‘goo, goo, gaa, gaa!’

Welcome to Funky Giraffe baby bibs! We are an online specialist provider of baby bibs, bandana bibs, baby hats and body suits and, no matter what your little one’s style inclinations; we have baby bibs to suit all! Whether you wish to ‘Gok’ your child in patriotic red, white and blue for the jubilee or monkeys, lions and tigers for a trip to the zoo, there is nothing you won’t find in our selection.

Our baby bibs and bandana bibs come in a huge range of designs, styles and sizes and, although we hold ‘trend’ and ‘funk’ as our main core values, when it comes to supplying style conscious tots with baby bibs, here at Funky Giraffe, functionality and practicality our also key. Our entire selection of hand- picked baby bibs and bandana bibs are not only safe and stylish but they also remain an essential, water and food proof barrier between your baby’s clothes and it’s (ever moving, dribbling) mouth!

High street baby bibs can be hit and miss- literally! By our very nature, humans were not born with the ability to lift spoon to mouth in one clean movement. Indeed, at birth we have zero hand- eye co ordination and it is not until our muscles develop that we can feed ourselves without spilling and let’s face it, there are still adults out there that struggle with Sunday lunch gravy and drunken chicken tikkas! Therefore, when seeking to expand our range of baby bibs, we look out for materials with several key aspects; the baby bibs must be manufactured using cloth that is waterproof, soft and washable.

Funky Giraffe baby bibs- You won’t find white or beige baby bibs here!
Sabung Ayam


Sabung Ayam