Baby Shower Cakes

The news of arrival of a young one in the family is a moment of joy not only for the parents but also for the grandparents and close friends and relatives. Baby shower is an occasion, which has been celebrated since decades to let the parents know that all the near and dear ones are waiting impatiently for the baby to arrive and play in their laps. Baby shower is a complete event which is celebrated like any other mega event.

The planning for baby shower is started weeks before the special day. Invitation cards are rolled out to all the friends and relatives for it is the best way to convey to the mother and father of the unborn baby, love and best wishes. The guests bring lots of gifts for the baby and mother, which are beautifully wrapped with prayers. One of the best presents for the event could be a baby shower cake.

Baby showers cakes are equally important as anniversary cakes, wedding cakes and birthday cakes; same amount of love and effort are added to its preparation. Preparing baby shower cakes at home for the couple is the best idea. The flavour of the cake should be mild because strong tastes are not acceptable for the expecting mother. Time and energy should be spent on its decoration because it matters the most. The baby shower cake decoration ideas will be discussed later in the post.

If you think, you are not good at baking cakes then you can send cakes online to the expecting couple using the cakes home delivery service. The online cake stores offer cakes same day delivery and cakes midnight delivery however; a few reliable cake shops actually deliver on time. The designs of the baby shower cakes can be chosen either from the online samples available on the cake website or designs can be modified by adding a personalized touch. Either way, these cakes will make an awesome baby shower gift.

Time to share some great baby shower cake ideas-you can choose to design the baby shower cake in the form of baby clothes or baby shoes. To make the mother feel proud, the cake can be designed with a photo of the mother placed in the centre of it; the photo should be taken from the childhood days of the mother and the message on the cake should be written with cream of marshmallows saying Look who is having a baby. This idea will certainly delight the mother. The baby shower cake can also be designed in an oval shape, which represents the pregnant belly of the mother; this would again please her.

If the baby to be born is a boy, then cakes should be made in the shapes of characters such as Spiderman, batman or star wars heroes. If the baby is a girl, then the cake can be designed in the form of a fairy, Cinderella, princess or teddy bears. No matter, which designs you choose-they should be highly creative. SABUNG AYAM