Baby Shower For a Baby Boy

It’s a baby boy! Your second child is again a baby boy. This wonderful news calls for another celebration, and your female office mates are all excited to plan a second baby shower for the coming little one. When you had your first child and were honored with a baby shower, your friends chose a nursery rhyme theme and you have kept the recording of the various nursery rhymes which your first son has already outgrown. Now you are considering a baby blue theme for your second baby shower.

There is an argument that a baby shower should only be accorded to a first born, but whether it has been a tradition in the past doesn’t really matter that much because motherhood and childbirth is a miracle in itself and are worthy of praise and honor. In ancient Greece, a ritual takes place every time a child is born starting on the day the mother is in labor up until the 10th day after the birth of the child. The mother is considered impure until the 10th day after which she is welcomed with a meal by family and friends. A similar practice continues today in Iran where friends and relatives pay the new mother a visit on the 10th day after giving birth.

Considering the delicate condition of the mother, the preparations for the party is usually undertaken by a family member or a dear friend. That is why your first baby party was organized by your office mates. But some mothers prefer to be hands on when it comes to the preparations, so you as the honoree will have the last say on the matter. If you left your friends take care of everything the last time, you may want to be on top of the preparations this time provided that it will not tire you physically and leave you stressed out. Don’t forget that you are the one being honored together with your baby, so you need to be relaxed and comfortable.

If you had an all female celebration in your first party, you may want it to be different this time and hold a mixed party where you include the husbands and other male family members including the children. Discuss this with your friends including the budget and the venue. Having a mixed party is definitely more fun but it can be very exhausting as well. So take these all into consideration and check your friends if they are up to it also.

And finally the theme! Powder blue or baby blue is your number one choice. You can ask the invited guests to wear something blue, preferably powder or light blue. The decorations should of course be in the theme color and you can distribute favors all in shades of blue. You can use silver or white to contrast your theme color. If you decide on the mixed party, tell your friends to make sure that the games cater to both male and female guests and if there are children around, plan a game or two for them also. There are a variety of inexpensive prizes that you can choose from in specialty stores.

Make that baby shower for your baby boy another milestone in celebration of motherhood and the miracle of a new born. It is a reality that happens every minute and every second, but the wonder of the human life cycle never fades and only the women will ever know and experience the fulfillment of carrying on that chain of life.

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