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Many businesses are deciding to trade with each other by trading skills and services. The re-immergence of the act of bartering, contra deals and the new practise of swishing is how many small businesses, solo-preneurs and individuals are surviving in this weak economy where the transfer of $ dollars is still hard to come by. It really is becoming a back to business basics. The basics before coinage and banks even existed.

There have been reports of Website developers are trading website development in exchange of the services of their clients, such as singing lessons or access to a client database; hair dressers swopping a expensive hair treatments for advertising and groups of women trading nearly new outfits with each other.

Show and event managers are looking for contra-deals to fill last minute booths and add special features, as it becomes harder to fill space by conventional means. The whole idea of swapping out one ‘this’ that the others ‘that’ they need and value.

Placing a value on time, product and service and establishing a common valuation system is the cornerstone of a barter group. The group of businesses offering a skill or service (and even a product) can offer in to a group and even if they don’t find a direct match for the service they want in return, through the group it can be facilitated.

Although small businesses are still needing to discover the illusive $ dollar, to pay their basic bills, using a barter or swapping strategy means that businesses can continue to develop and grow and stay in the running where they might have otherwise fallen along the way side, ceased trading or been prevented to adapting.

The great thing about the small solo-prereneurial business is the ability to modify the way the business works to accommodate this model in the act of the survival. “Life will find a way” as Jeff Goldblum’s character knew too well in Jurassic Park. Business will find a way of sustaining a livelihood.

If you hadn’t heard of bartering and contra deals before, give it a go. It will keep your business moving in a positive direction, you’ll get more growth opportunities and more visibility AND you’ll build some very strong business relationships. The business with the strongest relationships will win the illusive dollar!
Sabung Ayam
VP at the Boston Major: Interview with Alexey “Solo” Berezin

There are English subtitles for the video!

We prepared a pleasant surprise for the fans of the “bears” – an interview with our captain Alexey “Solo” Berezin. He will tell about how the players were picked, what relationships are prevalent in the team and, most importantly, who is responsible for the hero picks.

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Sabung Ayam