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By the end of 2009, Amazon Electronic The first book sold over paper books, e-books enable the industry to fully appreciate the brilliant prospects of the industry. Recently, the grand strategy of e-books published literature, an attempt to integrate e-book industry, shortly after the search engine giant Baidu said elements to enter the e-book market, set up an independent company, build a platform for richer content, and plans to market. This indicated that electronic markets do not smoke broke out of a war.

E-book market bloom Xinhua News, March 10, Shanda Literature held its grand strategy briefing books, publishing “one book” program, Shanda Literature will open copyrighted content e-book vendors, set up book distribution resources, and to e-book vendor-house developed software and hardware solutions, the ultimate goal is to build a grand literary Chinese Amazon. Following the grand literature, the Baidu to enter the e-book market also shows that flex its muscles.

With Network Continuous improvement of services and technology, continuously updated, China slowly entered the 3G era, this is the development of e-book provides a good basis for the premise. Some media said that 2010 is expected to become China’s outbreak of e-book on the market. December 29, 2009, the world’s largest online book retailer Amazon said in its official website, according to statistics, the site’s e-book sales for the first time more than Print Books, this is undoubtedly the major companies into the e-book market hit a shot in the arm, also shows that e-book has a broad market, and into the expansion. It is the world’s leading electronics manufacturing for the market research firm iSuppli expects 2009 global e-book reader sold more than 5 million units, the 2010 increase of 12,000,000 units may be.

Dominate the electronic industry, Amazon launched Kindle and Sony e-book and a leader in a number of reasons, has not formally enter the Chinese market, which undoubtedly provides an excellent domestic brands the opportunity, according to statistics Hanwang e-book in a short period of time would account for 95% of market share. 2010, e-book market will enter the high growth period, China’s e-book market is like a giant cake to attract attention of all parties. It is understood the depth of China Mobile TD customized e-book has already begun in some parts of test marketing, in addition to Kingship, the Founder Culture Room, Datang and other brand electronic products are beginning to target this market.

Content is the bottleneck Not mature in the current e-book market, the supply of content is a big problem. Along with the continuous development of all enterprises in the technology gap is not large, competition is key to e-book content. Well-known brands in the content that is competitive, businesses will buy the copyright works on the website, for free, or simply pay to the consumer. In China, apart from some well-known brand, the cottage also has some books in the Chinese market, most of them rely on the Internet for free download, but some analysts have pointed out that once the state began to strike hard piracy, the cottage is not easy to say the e-book market.

Industry veteran Yuanmao Feng said: “The content of resources would be fatal to electronic readers.” Web site in many e-books, book at first glance very rich category, but careful study found that a small number of books, many simply a book-selling categories are not, in fact, many can be downloaded e-book readers do not necessarily really want to see. The competition for resources in the content of the books have become the center of competition in the industry, can be rude to say that e-book development, content integration is the key, read from the current market, who can be first made, one who will take initiative.

Copyright issues, is troubled by a key e-book industry. Data showed that readers did not bring the hot industries, but contribute to the culture of piracy, because readers can almost compatible e-book format so the reader can easily download all kinds of no authorization in the text. In addition to the reader’s awareness of copyright is weak, the imperfect genuine platform authorization mechanism should be the core of copyright issues, many publishers out of interest considerations do not want to authorize the electronic rights, so many readers simply can not have the formal authority under the e-book.

Where is the way e-book market
Solve the problem content is urgent e-book market. On the hardware side, the company basically non-existent problem, build a good platform, how to integrate the content resources to put the copyright in all enterprises in the face. The content of the resources available to the many issues involved.

As an enterprise, should step up efforts to increase the content providers to enrich their own resource base, to give readers a book to see, want to see the book, making e-books to become truly mobile library, to meet the needs of readers. Solve the content problem, also make their own competition in the industry holds a leading position, grasp the initiative in competition, the real bigger and stronger.

In publishing, the production should be to effectively change the concept of proactive e-book, and take the initiative to participate in this industry, provides businesses of copyright, it can not only solve the obstacles facing the e-book market, in copyright the same time, publishers can not only effectively promote their increased its visibility, will obtain the corresponding profits, which publishers, and no losses. Some publishers worry that there’s concern is that e-book success and the result is a book out of paper, this idea is completely unnecessary, some experts pointed out that the existence of e-book can not replace paper books, paper books can to make the reader feel the real human feelings, it is cold readers are not able to do.

Readers, we should strengthen the publicity and Education Work to enhance the reader’s legal system, and the concept of copyright, take the initiative to download e-books from the regular channels, piracy solution just around the corner.

In fact, all aspects are interrelated and restraining each other. Enterprises to strengthen their power and appeal, it can attract more content providers and content providers can also promote the increase in the development of electronic business, e-book market to promote prosperity, prosperity will inevitably bring about competition in the market, while The most direct impact on competition is lower prices to attract more readers. The whole e-book chain linked together, they interact, as long as the parties to effectively coordinate disputes broke out in the coming e-book would not far away. SABUNG AYAM