Bajaj Auto raises two wheeler prices

Bajaj Auto had raised the prices of its two wheelers by to 2%t from 1st October. This news was made public by the officials on Baja Auto. The Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, Rajiv Bajaj said, “We have raised prices by up to two per cent for almost all two wheeler models from Oct 1,” Baja Auto is a famous name in the world of vehicle production. May it be a bike or a scooter, Bajaj strive for exellence. Bajaj has given some wonderful piece of works in the Indian markets. Some of them include Bajaj Discover, Bajaj Pulsar and many more. The history of creating wonders is not new to Bajaj Auto but it traces back to 1980 when it came up with one of the biggest wonder in the world of two-wheelers names Bajaj Chetak. Bajaj Cdetak was a famous Indian made motor scooter produced by this company. The name chetan is coined from the historical horse which is a symbol of power and speed in Indian mythodology. Chetak was an affordable means of transportation for millions of Indian families for decades and termed as humara bajaj. This is how Bajaj Auto made a huge impact on the Indian two-wheeler market. Chetak lost the ground finally in the year 2005 where is was not able to stand against the stiff competition thrown by varied bikes and scooters. But stil people remember it as the symbol of loyalty. Among the other major launch, Bajaj Pulsar took the ground and gave a real tough competition to its rivals. The bike was launched in three variants of 220cc, 180cc and 150 cc. It forms the most popular bike of India. The bike is studded with digital revolutionary technologies. Bajaj is known for creating affordable bikes for the Indian customers. Now the move of raising the price of its two-wheelers might put a question on the tag. But if the company continues to bless the Indian market with outstanding technologies, this price rise will not affect the brand image.